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4 Words Which The Government Uses To Justify Federal Control In Our Lives

4 Words Which The Government Uses To Justify Federal Control In Our Lives

A retired rear admiral, Casey Coane, made an appeal to the two pet issues of the stereotypical left and right to justify a ludicrous program and government involvement in everyday life. What are those two pet issues?  In four words they are:

“The children” and “National Security.”

“The children” is the pet issue for the left and “national security” for the right. The crazy thing is that these justifications are used to justify things incredibly unrelated to those justifications. Take what Coane was writing about: Michelle Obama’s school lunch program.

You have to take a pretty roundabout line of reasoning to go from school lunches to national security, and, even though it may seem to be a more direct line of thought from school lunches to caring for our children, were parents ever really unable to take care of this issue?

Coane wrote in The Hill

“We need to keep these school nutrition standards on track because when our children’s health and our national security are at stake, retreat is not an option.”

Really, you don’t have to look very hard to see through this to just another excuse to exercise more control in our everyday lives by playing upon the fears of people.

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