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3 Tips When Making Your Own MREs That Could Keep You From Starving

3 Tips When Making Your Own MREs That Could Keep You From Starving

MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) have been part and parcel of standard military equipment for a number of years, and, maybe, you’ve even tried your hand at putting together your own MREs so that you’re prepared if you have to bug out (a good idea).

However, if you’re new to preparing your own MREs, you may not have considered these issues that will help you make the most of your meal pack.

So, when picking the food to put in your MRE, keep these concepts in mind:

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  1. Shelf life. You need your MRE to last long enough to be of use to you, so learn how to read expiration codes on pre-packaged foods, and get an idea of the shelf life of anything that you prepare.
  2. Weight. If the food weighs too much, it could be impractical to carry. Because of this, some preppers prefer not to put canned foods in their MREs. After all, metal is heavy.
  3. Calorie count. Pick foods high in calorie so you’re MRE can provide nourishment for you longer. That means probably no Sugar Pops cereal (which have a decent shelf life and are lightweight) because you’ll be hungry again ten minutes after eating them.

With these considerations in mind, you can start thinking ahead to be prepared so you and your loved ones don’t bear the brunt of a societal collapse.

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