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3 Surprising Things That Will Cause Preppers To Die When The SHTF

3 Surprising Things That Will Cause Preppers To Die When The SHTF

It’s human nature to look at the skills and the supplies that you need to make sure that you are ready for a situation. Those are the easy things to figure out that you need and to calibrate to make sure that you are ready.

But less commonly thought about are skills that are harder to quantify but that are every bit as necessary for your survival in a survival situation.

So what mistakes will too many preppers make in a crisis situation? These three:

1. Trusting the Wrong People – It’s not enough that the people that you associate with have great skills and want to be prepared. They also need to have character to be someone you can trust and depend on.

2. Looking for the Wrong Cues – If you don’t know what you’re really looking at or looking for, you may evaluate the situation incorrectly. A bad evaluation could be the issue that causes you to make a fatal mistake.

3. Not Being Flexible – As Patriot Nurse says: “You cannot get locked into stagnancy of thought.” You must be able to adjust to the situation, whatever it is.

See the full video below.

What do you think? Are there other harder to quantify skills that could kill people in survival situation? Tell us below.

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