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10 Tips for the Prepper Newbie

10 Tips for the Prepper Newbie

Not everyone who is interested in being prepared has a good foundation on where to start and what to do so that they can be ready in a SHTF situation. Because of this, we thought it might be a good idea to review some useful tips for the beginning prepper (and for those of us who recognize the value in reviewing the basics).

So, here are the first three of 10 tips for the prepper newbie:

  1. Take Baby Steps: There is a lot to do to be prepared. You won’t get it all done in one day, but, if you don’t get started, you won’t do any of it. Get going now. The best time to get started was five years ago. The second best time to get started is now.
  2. Keep to the Basics: You can get fancy later. Start with the stuff you have to have immediately should a worse-case scenario happen.
  3. Gather Important Documents: Think that law enforcement will be non-existent in a crisis situation? Not likely. It’s most likely to be localized or to be martial law. In either case, you need your paperwork together to be ready for the bureaucratic issues that will be there.

You can find the other seven tips in this article.

Comment and tell us your best recommendations for the newbie prepper below.

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