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You’ll Never Guess Who Is Getting Involved in Surveillance Now

You’ll Never Guess Who Is Getting Involved in Surveillance Now

Fresh on the heels of revelations of the CIA working to hack Apple devices for surveillance purposes comes new revelations that police departments are getting access to technology that allows them to track cell phones.

That’s right. Your local police department could be tracking you right now using technology which is often called Stingray. Of course, they don’t want you to know about it because they don’t want it to get into the hands of criminals and terrorists.

Which, to be fair, could be true. But I have difficulty believing that criminals and terrorists have that much interest in me as I try to live a quiet life without government involvement and take care of my family.

Orin S. Kerr of George Washington University says:

“It might be a totally legitimate business interest, or maybe they’re trying to keep people from realizing there are bigger privacy problems,” said Orin S. Kerr, a privacy law expert at George Washington University. “What’s the secret that they’re trying to hide?”

And that really is the big question: what is the big secret that they are trying to hide? Because I don’t feel threatened when I’m in the southeastern United States by criminals and terrorists (too many gun owners?); I do feel threatened, however, by the dangers of this technology in the hands of every policy force in the nation.



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  • It appears their’s a spy in every PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We know it and nothing will stop them, remember your neighbors know who you are. Like it was in Cuba, even your brother, child or neighbor will report you, they did not need the Internet, stop playing stupid, is more serious than you DARE to believe.

  • Why would we fool ourselves if we already know what their up to. You don’t make much sense.

  • It’s getting more and more like Hitler’s Germany. Soon they will have family members spying on family members.

  • Judges claim they can make unbiased decisions and rulings and opinions. That is pure BS. Every human being is guided by their life experience. Judges are no different. But judges should be strictly held to the text of the laws they are asked to interpret. That is not what goes on any more. It’s the judges political ideology that gets them elected or appointed. If judges were held accountable for the results of their decisions and rulings, they might be less likely to make decisions that may cause harm.

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