Why You Will Want To Avoid Survival Shelters When The SHTF (Especially If You Have Kids)

One of the most important things to consider when planning for a disaster situation is where you bug out to (or if you will stay home and be prepared to survive in place).

One option that some people will consider is a disaster shelter or some other location provided by the government for people to flee to such as a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) camp. Frankly, this is also likely where people who have not prepared will flee to in their efforts to survive a disaster.

But that isn’t where you will want to flee to. Why? Because those who are sexual predators (or are would-be sexual predators) are likely to be in those same places. Think this isn’t really a concern? Then consider what Zoey Sky writes:

Early in 2018, reports from Florida revealed that when a hurricane strikes, sex offenders in each county are given a designated location separate from general population shelters. The majority of sex offenders under state-wide community control are advised to report to their nearest prison or jail.

Public officials know that incidences of assault and rape become more common in the aftermath of hurricanes, like Irma and Harvey. In fact, when state-wide evacuations for Hurricane Irma began, Florida’s Polk County sheriff stated that sex offenders wouldn’t be allowed in all shelters.

The sheriff tweeted:

We cannot and we will not have innocent children in a shelter with sexual offenders & predators. Period.

While directives like this could protect women from convicted sexual offenders, this doesn’t weed out those who have clean records but are planning on attacking women in shelters. These people could even get off scot-free after assaulting several victims, especially since it can be difficult to determine who can be a potential sexual predator. During survival scenarios, the authorities won’t have time to do a background check on everyone who takes refuge at a disaster shelter since they’re busy making sure everyone has what they need.

Look, even though law enforcement knows of this potential threat, resources are spread so thin that it will simply be impossible for them to prevent all of these assaults. Why put you or your family in harms way?

No, you are better served to have your own preparation plans in place and to be ready to take care of your family and yourself. Goodness knows that predators aren’t going to be looking out for your best interests.