What Will Happen To The U.S. If This State Gets What They Want?

It’s interesting to see that a few states are considering leaving the union of the United States of America since Donald Trump became President. Maybe you’ve heard about this; maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve heard more about Catalonia’s bid to become free of Spain. If the U.S. states get their way, what would this mean for the U.S.?

Here’s the situation: A group calling themselves the California Freedom Coalition is collecting signatures to repeal part of the California constitution which could make it easier for California to secede from the Union. Kate Irby writes,

If secession is what Californians want, [Dave Marin of the California Freedom Coalition] says their path to independence will be easier thanks to the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which says any powers not explicitly given to the federal government are retained by the states.

I will admit to finding it refreshing to hear another person talk about limiting the Federal government’s power to invade our lives by invoking the 10th Amendment (which I’ve never seen a single administration in my lifetime actually attempt to adhere to), however, the idea of California seceding from the Union has some interesting implications and potential consequences.

One thought that comes to mind is, if California succeeds in doing this, will it mean that other states may consider seceding from the Union? Will “Red States” secede the next time a Democrat is elected President? How long will it be before we no longer have much of a Union but only have half-a-dozen states calling themselves together the United States of America?

What would be the political fallout of that kind of situation? Would “too many” states seceding lead to Federal military action to keep the Union together? Would financially poorer states fall into abject poverty without Federal funds being paid into those states’ coffers? Whether you support those types of policies or not, it would be wise to consider how this would effect daily life for a multitude of people and how those people would react to those changes.

It’s hard to say for sure if California seceding would change life for most people in the United States. What can be said for sure is that the future is uncertain for any number of reasons and that you would be wise to have both an exit strategy and a place to bug out so as to be ready for if the worst happens.

  • George

    If enough states were to secede from the Union, the establishment swamp would be drained as fast as one can flush a toilet.
    Without the taxpayers money, the existing system would collapse.
    This would provide an excellent opportunity to create a new Union without the burden of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats……….one that truly represents the people and not the big money interests…….a system with an equitable tax system……….one where the rich and privileged are not above the law, but held accountable for their crimes.
    Think about a system where it’s elected officials and bureaucrats could easily be removed for violation of the oath of office………especially the part where they swear to “uphold and defend the Constitution”.

  • MIKE6080

    if california secedes into the Pacific it would be a blessing

    • Steve T

      Build a wall along the whole California border. Let them, it would be a blessing.

      • MIKE6080

        would need it for the invasion of illegals when there was no more money for them , and no foreign aid for them either

  • Rodney Steward

    It can’t leave, it’s basically a welfare State, it has to have Gov. money to survive!

  • jreb57

    California couldn’t survive on its own.

  • EE

    Calif burns 1st, then puts it out with earth quake doing the Atlantis trick.