What Do You Do When An Entire City’s Police Force Is Corrupt?

Most Americans tend to think that their local police force is full of law abiding, honest law enforcement officers who just want to do the right thing. Certainly, the police officers that I personally know are those type of people.

Unfortunately, though, it is becoming abundantly clear that some police departments are not full of the type of people that we want to be police officers. Whether those police officers are power hungry or law breakers who figured they could get away with it if they have a badge, those police officers have to go.

But what do you do when an entire police force seems to be corrupt?

That is the question that some are asking about the Baltimore, Maryland, Police Department. Their reputation already marred by their handling of the riots in 2015, accusations of corruption in the department are still rampant, and a recent corruption trial has brought that corruption back to light again. John Vibes gives us details:

After a recent corruption trial exposed just how bad things were at the Baltimore City Police Department, Maryland state delegate Bilal Ali suggested that the whole department should be “disbanded and reorganized from the ground up.”

In a proposal that he made this week to Mayor Catherine Pugh and Commissioner-Designate Darryl De Sousa, Ali pointed to the example of Camden, who disbanded their police department just a few years ago.

“In 2013 Camden [New Jersey] disbanded its police department in response to record-breaking levels of violence and an extremely inefficient police budget. Four years later, Camden hit its lowest homicide rate in 30-years,”Ali said.

Meanwhile, this past year the city of Baltimore saw its worst ever homicide rate, with a total of 342 killings.

Why should you be concerned about the corruption in Baltimore if you don’t live there? It’s because the Baltimore police department seems to be the epitome of what everyone hates about police departments, and this kind of corruption is exactly what corrupt governments are looking for when they look for “enforcers.” Corruption in law enforcement is exactly what corrupt governments need to gain and keep control of a populace. You need to know how police corruption works to steal your freedom and how politicians use that corruption for their own purposes. And how they use that corruption to use you.

Fortunately, there are still some politicians that have a conscience about their access to power and control. Still, for our safety and the safety of our children, we need to be vigilant about pointing out and removing this corruption from our society. Because, if we don’t, that corruption will be the legacy that we leave our children to deal with.


  • Alan404

    If possible, go elsewhere.

    • mikegru

      why move it’s your City get rid of the trash

      • Alan404

        Interesting question, with the following possible answer. The crooked PD operates with the full knowledge and consent of local government, unless I’m very much mistaken, so what to do. There are elections, but how might they be rigged, are they legitimate? Could a higher authority, state or federal government be looked to, I might well be bitter, but I have serious questions re that aspect, as I expect that these last mentioned are aware of existing situations, and have failed to act. Two alternatives remain. Departure being one, armed resistance being another. It not being my place to advise unasked concerning what to do, I will leave such decisions in the hands of people immediately effected.

  • mikegru

    take them out one by one they will straiten out

  • disqus_pL8ZwxQNi3

    They should get rid of the corrupt mayor too

    • Gary Smith

      Send her to Gitmo with Obama and Clinton

  • Danny L. Gibson

    Hate to say it but there is some level of corruption in law enforcement throughout the United States of America — in this particular case — it is so rampant the entire force should be fired — charges filed — continue right on up to the mayor and anyone else involved — it would seem like these people are attempting to emulate our government — go figure!!!

    • Allard Jacobsen

      It needs to be looked into closely in all major cities. If it was done in the state of Illinois and California there probably wouldn’t be any state and local government left

  • Paul Hollenstein

    Start with jurisdiction of enforcement and adhere to the laws that give authority to that jurisdiction. In actuality, the Sheriff is the highest law enforcement official in any jurisdiction. Even that above the federal level. Federal agents are required to “check-in” with the Sheriffs Dept. prior to pursuing any law enforcement investigation or operation. (Although they rarely do!)

    Per Wikipedia: (“In the United States, a sheriff is an official in a county or independent city responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law.[1] Unlike most officials in law enforcement in the United States, sheriffs are usually elected, although many states (such as California) have state laws requiring that a person possess certain law enforcement qualifications before being able to run for the office. Elected sheriffs are accountable directly to the constitution of their state, the United States Constitution, statutes, and the citizens of their county.[2]”)

    Police Commissioners are appointed , not elected and are controlled by mayors and as such reflect the agenda and policies of the Mayors Office and usually the city council wishes. If the political hierarchy is corrupt then the Police Dept. will most likely follow their edicts. Forms of corruption may vary, but include bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, influence peddling, graft, embezzlement or just out right theft like property seizure. Follow the money and any form of corruption can usually be traced back to the source.
    Only an elected law enforcement officer and a deputized citizenry can be a buffer against corruption. That being said; I’d put that in the “fat chance” category since the political class has designed the current system that way. They have almost budgeted Sheriff Departments out of existence and relegated them to process servers and judicial lackeys. When the foxes are authorized to guard the hen house and count the chickens. And the farmer is not even allowed even peer into the coop. Then don’t be surprised when the chickens are all missing! Clean the coop, rethink your strategy and start all over is the only solution.

  • Retired Marine

    The National Guard needs to be sent in to arrest the lot of them, and maintain and take over the police duties until a new force is in place. The current bunch of thugs need to be tried for any and all crimes committed, as equally involved. Clean out the rats nest including the POS mayor.

  • Mel Vogel

    As the mayor stated during the riots – just give them space – or just let them commit crimes on the public.

  • Gary

    If you are going to try to put a stop to the corruption then you will need to start at the top! Mayor and prosecuting attorney are a very good starting point!

  • generalJed

    Chicago has been the epitome of corruption since 1955, the year the Daley family took over Chicago as their own fiefdom. They consistently made the city even worse to live in by working with the Irish and Italian mobs, black street gangs, and corrupt aldermen/women. They robbed the city of two billion dollars per year, shipping the money via courier to Switzerland. I lived there for 49 years. You could not get the average citizen to vote them out; they were brainwashed into thinking that a Daley was “good” for Chicago. The Daley’s controlled every aspect of Chicagoans’ lives. You had to be “connected” to survive and prosper there. The Democrats thrive on crime and violence. The chaos keeps the hand-picked candidates of the Daley family in power. Nothing is going to change without Federal intervention!