Video: Buy and Pack A Complete BOB in 30 minutes (and Under $100)

With the real possibility of the SHTF, it can be easy to get stressed out about having your stuff together when you need to bug out. But, of all the things to keep you at night, your Bug Out Bag (BOB) shouldn’t be one of them.

Why? Because you can put together a quite complete BOB for under $100 and in probably less than 30 minutes (assuming that the store has enough check out lanes open like they advertised over the holidays…).

It’s actually a really straightforward process, even if you’re not sure what to get or have never done it before. In fact, this video covers all of it in 6:00 minutes flat. Watch:

It’s just that straightforward and (dare I say it?) easy. You can have all of your items together and one less thing to stress about because you’ll be prepared. Because, that’s what we’re about: Survival Institute.