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Try Not To Freak Out When You See Disturbing Thing Oregon Cops Did After School Shooting

Try Not To Freak Out When You See Disturbing Thing Oregon Cops Did After School Shooting

Students at Umpqua Community College have been through enough without having police violate their rights and treat them like convicted felons without a trial.

But that’s exactly what happened.

After the tragic shooting by a sicko, police proceeded to force both students and faculty to walk in lines with their hands behind their heads like they were prisoners. The police then proceeded to search backpacks without a warrant.

Here’s the problem and the deal: panicked people who are afraid (or simply unwilling) to take care of themselves and protect themselves will say that the police were right in doing this because the world is scary and you don’t know who else has a gun. The fact of the matter is: the police never have a right to violate anyone’s rights without a court order, regardless of the reason.

Why? It’s simple, really:

If you can’t trust them to stay out of your business when they do not have a good reason to get into it, they won’t. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing now.

What do you think: Are these signs of the encroaching police state or are we overreacting? Sound off below.



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  • The cops had to control that situation…They had no way of knowing who or how many were involved…there are no rights in that situation…

  • It`s all in the elites plan of World domination. They`re allowing “some” things to go unabated, while they push their Agendas (21 & 2030) for control !! Their plan is to have it seem that our police can not deal with society & that the police are over bearing,, WhaLa,, we`ll bring in the U.N. Police (Martial Law),, Barry gets what he wants & has been working toward, “DESTROY America ” !!!

  • There are enough incidents to document how suspects or terrorists have tried to blend in with the innocent during situations like that as a tactical advantage or to escape. This is what we are trained to do. We recognize the trauma.

  • When its necessary to protect peoples lives and rights. They were cleared quickly and released so what is the big deal?

  • How to you protect someones rights by violating their rights? Could you explain because Im a little confused.

  • It’s already too late, we’ve been in a state of perpetual war for 14 years now and it’s all been forced on us through fear and the fake mantra that it’s for our safety and security.

    You’ve seen first hand how the Executive Anus has been treating ISIS, Al-Queda, whatever their current name is. We fund, supply them, then pretend we are fighting them. I’m not a big Putin fan, but he’s done more to stabilize the ME in a very short time than we have in the years we’ve been over there.

    It’s all a farce to keep us in fear and keep the military industrial complex rolling.

    We supplied the arms and money for the rebels who took down Gadaffi as well, now they are after Assad.

    They planned this out years ago – 1999. It is to usher in the NWO.

    “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq,
    and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off,
    Iran” – General Wesley Clark. Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia .

    Gen. Wesley Clark Weighs Presidential Bid: “I Think About It Everyday”

  • They appear to be doing what is in everyone’s best interest. They did not know if there were terrorist blending in with the students or not. When we object to things like this we tie the officers hands that are trying to protect us.

    I know without a doubt that the students must have been frightened – but being frightened is better than having another shooting right behind the one they just had.

    I am sure terrorist will applaud this article.

  • First … I have to say that this report does not strike me as being true. It might be but it has a false ring about it.

    This occurance was on OCT01 …I see no credit as to author of the article and no date of its writing. This is more than 2 weeks after the shooting. There have been several reports made on it from various angles but none have mentioned this.

    Am I to believe that in the past 2+ weeks no-one thought to mention this? No-one, by any media source, put something like this out there? No-one on the faculty? None of the students? None of the outraged parents? NO-ONE has mentioned something like this? Please …

    Second … Perhaps something of this sort did occur … of this sort … but the silence about it has gone unreported by any of the people there possibly due to its not being “exactly” as reported in this article. It is easy to make astounding statements about something while not taking any credit for breaking such a story.

    Third … this whole reaction to the incident doesn’t make any real sense. This would be a case of “Closing the Barn Door …”

    Fourth … IF it is true in all aspects, it seems like a pretty serious miscarriage of the legal system and a marked lack of insight by the Officers as these days a shooting such as this is more often highly attended by “Psych Types” to try to mediate the PTSS (Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome) which is one of their favorite diagnosis these days. Aside from that, it also seems a bit odd that they would do something like this AFTER everything had come to a conclusion.

    IF it happened the way it was written, it makes little sense and IS a bit scary in its implications BUT … I would suggest that you wait until SOME Credible Source steps forward with these claims.

  • The pictures on the news that day showed this happening
    I personsally did not think of the implication on illegal search until I read this

  • If you look at some of the pictures and videos posted to many of the news’ articles of the shooting, you will see some students standing in a line with their hands behind their heads or their hands in the air. One video i watched showed police looking through some students’ hand bags and backpacks.

  • The cops have a million excuses why you should do as they say, one of which if you don’t do as they tell you in an emergency like this is ” interfering with a police investigation, or their duties ” (even though the crime is still going on).
    Of course nowadays when cops can kick down your door without a search warrant (no knock search) is it any wonder that people act like panicked sheep and do what ever someone with a uniform and gun says? I have read other articles where there were indeed people on campus that had CCW (conceal carry ) licenses and were carrying guns. However when they tried to go where the shooter was they were ordered elsewhere by college staff members. Instead of a ” gun free zone ” these so called institutions of higher learning played right into the hands of the shooters, and turn it into something more like a slaughter house situation. Then of course you have the cops that are politically ” hand cuffed ” to do as this administration says about handling mass shooters. Like the Democommie motto says, ” never let a good crisis got to waste ( and if there isn’t one, create one).
    Welcome to the Police State of the United States.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Agreed, unfortunately our Government has been using False Flag attacks against us for decades. Sad but true. They don’t have a problem letting a few hundred, thousand or even millions die if it furthers their cause.

    The elites have no remorse about killing, in their mind they are just culling the herd.

  • I am not a law enforcement officer but just supposing this shooting was a team effort to kill as many as possible and they only got one of them…… do they know for sure that only one person was involved in this rampage?……..The bad guys do not wear black hats or ride black horses in these shootings…… would they know?????…………

  • No Rights? I’m sorry I thought this was the USA. You know the country with a “BILL OF RIGHTS”.
    Bill of Rights isn’t there for when things are mellow, safe and
    comfortable, it’s there for times like these. To ensure no government
    body infringes on the rights on the people. This Country is,We the
    People, not the Federal or state governments. They are suppose to be
    working for us. We are their Boss, Obama and his goons are the thugs
    trying to scare us all into submission. I for one won’t fall for it.
    only reason we are seeing so many mass shootings is that we have so
    many welcoming “Gun Free Zones”. The true “Inconvenient Truth” is that
    “Gun Free Zones” created every one of these victims.
    All it takes is
    1 law abiding citizen with a gun and we no longer have these long
    lists of victims. We begin making lists of Hero’s.
    The Police can’t
    stop these crazies that want to kill. If they decide to kill a lot of
    people, all they need do is, get in a car and run down a bunch of kids
    waiting for a bus. Mass Murderers don’t need a gun.
    Guns are NOT the problem, People are. Until we
    can fix people, nothing will change. You can make all the gun control
    laws you want, turn this country into a Militarized zone, but any A..hole
    with box cutter can still fly a plane into buildings and kill thousands.
    Obama and his Jackbooted thugs to create a police state of fear and
    retribution, won’t stop the killings. It will only legalize tyranny and
    more innocents will die.

    Now is not the time to react emotionally, it’s time to think logically. There are already a ton of gun laws and not one of them can prevent mass murder. Making more laws still won’t stop it.

    The truth is I don’t know what will stop people from wanting to kill other people. What I do know is that no one will be saved by taking away my right to protect myself. I don’t ever want to be in a situation where I am forced to kill another person, I value life. But, if someone is threatening my life or the life of a loved one,

    Once everyone is safe I will call 911. If I were to wait for the police to save me or my family, we’d all die. Just like those people at “Gun Free Zone” UCC and the people at the “Gun Free Zone” Church and the list continues.

    Just like more gun laws won’t stop people from killing, I know that I can’t change anyone’s mind about guns and that’s fine, you don’t want a gun, that’s your Right. Just leave me and my Right to protect myself and my family alone.

  • So, if they found a gun on any student, would they have the right to confiscate it and arrest him/her as a potential terrorist? Like you said, they had no way of knowing who was involved,so are you OK with them arresting everyone?

  • Our schools have been taken over by very bad, anti-American people that call themselves “educators”. Slowly over generations, they have stopped teaching OUR children the only things that they should be teaching them, the three-R’s. What they have been teaching OUR children is that OUR nation is a very bad place, Christianity is wrong, and that it is far better to have two mommies or two daddies than a loving, nurturing heterosexual set of married parents. They are very intentionally weeding the history of OUR nation, OUR sovereignty, OUR Constitution, and specifically OUR 2nd Amendment out of existence…the very fibers of OUR nation. The only thing that we can do to save OUR nation, would be to take back OUR children from some very evil people. The place to start? Home Schooling OUR children, not the pea pods that they are envisioned as by some very, very, very evil people. Public schools and the Dept. of Education are the most damaging of all enemies of OUR nation, these United States of America, because they attack it from the cradle and don’t stop until they turn out dumbed down, anti-American liberal zombie adults.

  • On October 1, I posted the following of Facebook: I was unpleasantly surprised over the next several days to see how many LEO’s justified those actions based on the nebulous justification of “exigent circumstances”. The post led to so many contentious comments and replies that the admins finally forced a stop to it.
    “Is there anybody else disturbed by the pictures of offices searching students that have been ordered into lines with their hands up, officers ransacking the students belongings, forcing them on buses to be taken to a central location for processing? By the time this was going on, the perpetrator was dead, thus freeing up the officers for illegal searches.

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[a] against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.[2]” — Fourth Amendment.

    “…when the government physically intrudes on “persons, houses, papers, or effects” for the purpose of obtaining information, a “search” within the original meaning of the Fourth Amendment has occurred.”…/Fourth_Amendment_to_the_United_S… (as are the following quotes)

    “A seizure does not occur just because the government questions an individual in a public place… (and) The person is not being seized if his freedom of movement is not restrained.” Obviously, the students’ freedom of movement has been restrained.

    “The government may not detain an individual even momentarily without reasonable and articulable suspicion, with a few exceptions.”… (which are mostly concerning automotive checkpoints).

    “Under the Fourth Amendment, law enforcement must receive written permission from a court of law, or otherwise qualified magistrate, to lawfully search and seize evidence while investigating criminal activity.” Anybody see a warrant?

    “Probable cause to arrest must exist before the arrest is made. Evidence obtained after the arrest may not apply retroactively to justify the arrest.” How do you apply probable cause to hundreds of students.

    There will be no outcry concerning the lack of constitutional rights, just as there wasn’t in Boston when people were rousted out of their houses by searching officers. Why? Because the politicians and progressives in law enforcement are more concerned with using this as an example of more gun control laws than they are about abusing an individual’s Constitutional rights, and they are using these tragedies to test how far that they can go in stomping down those individual rights with their jackboots.

    I’m all for supporting the police, but these actions were those of a police STATE, such as have existed in the USSR and the Nazi Germany. Have we sunk that far?”

  • we only have ask our self’s why things are the way they are now. we let them do this to all of us and now we ask why thing have got so wrong the only way change things is for all of us stand as one and take our country back as our four fathers did in 1776 and don’t be afraid of the one’s who’s done this to us all they will be held accountable for there crime’s .

  • How many here has any police training? In situation like this law and order had to be put in place. Police have to be sure no one else was armed and wanted to kill others. If they had not done this and another shooter kill someone. The police would of been neglectful on doing their job. Someone would of sued them. I am all for freedom and my rights as a American citizen.

  • So file log suits againt the offenders. Then fire,vote out the politicians that over see these police. Of course, being in oregon it would be expected there. Those folks up there do not stand up for their rights, smoke to much pot, and vote for the massive nanny plantation state all the time, so what else would you expect from them?

  • I saw the photos, read the article, and needless to say, I am angry. Ok, so what to do about these sort of things, but before I get to that, a few questions need to be asked, like were these officers acting under some “special” authority, considering the circumstances, and due to this set of circumstance, were they acting with-in the law. If the answer to those questions is no, and they took it upon themselves to do those things in the interest of public safety, then, that is no excuse for the police to usurp their authority, and they should be held accountable. Police powers, and authority is only afforded to them by what the public allows, or gives, via political representation, but when the representatives become “rulers” then it becomes the responsibility of the citizens to challenge every bit of this. There really is only one way to do this, other then out-right violent revolution, and that is through the courts. People need to know their constitution, and their Bill of Rights, and be prepared to challenge police in some cases right on the spot, or go with the flow, then hit them in the courts afterwards. Unfortunately, the vast majority that complain, won’t do anything at all. This leads to public acceptance of police behaviour, good and bad. So unless you are prepared to put in the time and the effort, put up with the inconvenience, expense and maybe a night or two in jail. Then it is only going to get worse. It is going to take sue, sue, and sue again, not only police, but school boards, and politicians too.
    Keep in mind, most of us carry hand held computers, also know as a phone, perhaps it might be an idea to have relative information at your finger tips, such as the constitution, the bill of rights, a few laws, and one or two lawyers, rather then video games, a bit of porn, and social media. What is more important, your entertainment, or your rights, freedoms, and liberties.

  • I hear Bill Ayres was looking for a teaching certificate??? Lets watch and see what becomes of this?
    What is it good ole Bomber Bill who never set one of those bombs off back in the 60s The Weather Men? I dont understand what the GOP is waiting on? Its time to take this hack out of office. Were broke theres no gold. I could hardly beleive what I heard were in debt $30,000.00 for every man, woman, and child here in the USA. Your dollars went towards arming our enemies. Those tanks & implements that were walked away from in Lybia was a gift from Oblowme. Hillary Clinton not remembering what she did with $3.5 billion dollars is nothing for them??? Obama not being able to say Musslim terrorist, Taking out our military leaders, flooding our country with immigrant syrian terrorists. Why arent these people fighting for their homes? Theres millions coming to our country and flooding Europe. These people have maid it plain they want to kill still we treat them like human beings!! In turn they cut off the heads of people that beleive in there religion. Thats not a reason for murdering anybody. I would call this out right war still Obama will let them out of jail and kiss there asp ? Why is that. A few people will die because of Obama Care? It took me a year plus to procure another doctor. For some strange reason I didnt have medi – care? Ive been paying on that since Jesus Christ was a baby. Obama is really doing a job with everything going on he wants ouR guns? Think about that one. ITS NOT ABOUT YOUR PROTECTION!!
    Isreal is arming its citizens to protect themselves. Obama will go around the world on his pet projects
    has his nose in on local problems like this one. Concussions received by high school foot ball players? Yeah they real need his input on that one? He should have taken Ben Carson with him on that one HUH? The man if you can call it that is a muslim terrorist himself so he will never give that part of it away just watch what he does not what he says. Its time to dust off the electric chair Ole Betsy at Esing Sing. Oblowme with Hitler-y setting in his lap first go around.
    After that its Obamas administration = NEXT!

  • Those were my thoughts when I had heard that they used the opportunity to search ALL cars which were in the school parking lots afterwards.

  • Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t often use pictures to get “the story” as a lot of time the photos used are some stock footage and have nothing to do with the reality. So … maybe it is real … but I still maintain that it is odd that no-one made note of it.

  • IMBA Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t often use pictures to get “the
    story” as a lot of time the photos used are some stock footage and have
    nothing to do with the reality. So … maybe it is real … but I still
    maintain that it is odd that no-one made note of it.

  • In this killing spree there was only one person deliberately left alive by the killer. The police had no idea until the alive person was found and talked to just how many killers were involved or if they were of what age, color of skin, man or woman, how dressed, etc. Until the police know they are interested in not letting the killer or killers escape the crime scene and the police than have to spend hours or months finding the killer or killers and stopping them from killing more people as the bad guys go on the run. The time spent in having the college full grown adults walk with their hands up makes sure the cops stay alive and are not shot to death with one of these adults pull their hands out of a coat or pocket. That is just common sense. Checking their backpacks are for the same reason. The adult college students were released the second they were cleared and the left alive person gave the cops the information needed–that being that there was only one killer. It amazes me that people bitch with a minor inconvenience in the face of an emergency situation and do not appreciate the fact that they are going home alive and the police are going home alive too. Where I live we lived in terror for eight months while the police tracked down our neighbor next door when he killed his wife and kids because she asked for a divorce. He was on the run in our back fields and the mountains around us for eight months. Our roads had road blocks and our trunks were checked to see if he was in a trunk pointing a gun in the direction of the driver. What was really scary was when the news reported that our neighbor had been in jail in CA for murdering a former girl friend’s new boy friend. And, he had been in many neighboring houses with his kids many times including ours. Mind you, the police had his picture and his description from all of us, and, his mother’s home address. All of this did not stop the guy from being on the run for eight months until finally he made the mistake of being seen sneaking into someone’s barn. This killer in this college was not known by the police and was a mass killer, and that was all the police knew about him or her. If I was in that situation, believe me, walking in a line with my hands up and having myself and my backpack checked when I was in college knowing that there was a mass killer in the college and I was in the hands of the police where hopefully I was safer being with the police than being in a college building with a mass killer somewhere near me, I would Thank The Lord! because I was going home alive. The hell with the inconvenience.

  • This kind of ILLEGAL situation arises from the police imposing temporary marshal law of sorts in a tense dangerous situation, unfortunately, to many people are willing to give up their rights in such a high stress situating so they can feel safe without realizing they are doing themselves and others a disservice by giving up their rights. And what is more alarming, if you don’t go along with the surrendering of your rights to the police you will probably be arrested on some equally ILLEGAL charge that stems from the fact that you are being treated in an ILLEGAL fashion to begin with. I know the police have a dangerous job to do in active shooter scenario and in some ways I can understand the possible reasoning behind seeing Everyone on scene as a possible threat. With that said I am not willing to give up my rights in any situation and neither should the rest of the American population. I believe to many people are looking for someone else to protect them as opposed to protecting themselves and the ones they care about. You will NEVER be able to stop all crimes or criminals and giving away our right voluntarily or having them stripped away is not the answer to the problem.

  • I can agree that there is an undercover movement to drastically change our nation to agree with the outside movements invading NOW. But the topic of Oregon is wrong here. When you have an incident such as the Oregon shooting it must be assured that there is not another shooter in the masses.

  • Not necessarily, but if you read what the victims said, he looked like he was somewhat emotionless and acted like he was playing a video game.

    I’ll bet they find he was on psychotropic drugs of some kind. Big Pharma is pushing these drugs on kids. If you ever read the side effects of these drugs it exposes a lot and is very worrisome.

    The majority of these shooters have been on some type of anti depressant or psychotropic drug.

  • I aqree with you that it could be a reaction to taking or even abruptly stopping the taking of a psychotropic medication. While they’ve help many, they can be very dangerous, particularly on the young whose brains are still developing.

    I’m not sure that stopping the use of such drugs is the answer as our liberal establishment in the 60s decided to put a lot of patients in mental hospitals out on the streets. So we have a Catch 22.

  • I’ve seen the reports also. I’d add one other commonality for most (not all) of the mass murderers; they were liberals, from liberal families, or Muslims.

  • Well, we can go through the whole list.

    Psychotropic drugs
    Gun Free zones
    Social Engineering – Lack of accountability
    Attack on Religion – Whatever happened to the 10 Commandments? Whether you are Christian or not. The 10 Commandments should apply to everybody.

    Economic Collapse – More people are depressed now than ever because they believe there is no future for them and / or the country.

    It all creates the perfect storm, many people today believe they have nothing to lose as well as nothing to gain.

    How do we address this? Much of this chaos was and is being created by Government, it’s bureaucrats and the Corporations.

  • I’m with you, see my response below. I don’t know what the answer is, but the Constitution will not work on an immoral country.

  • It also happened after the staged Boston Stooge Bomb-A-Rama when people in Watertown were frog marched out of their home with hands on their heads and double timed down the street for pat downs and groping.
    How about Nawlinz when Da gubbamint hired guns went door to door confiscating firearms; you know. to Protect and Serve…except from the Boogs that were actually shooting at rescue helicopters.
    The Sheeple are being tested by these official atrocities so The Ruling Swine can find out how far they can push. I can hardly wait until The Swine’s attack doggies pick the wrong neighborhood within which to play Bolshevik Sheep Herder…and get to decorate the streets with their bullet riddled bodies.

  • Clark was relaying what some blabbermouth in Da Federal Gubbamint confided in him.
    Clark is not the author of the statement.

  • The mulatto Islamist stooge, that CNN photoshopped to appear as a White man, was known to be in communication with Muzzies on Fed Watch Lists.
    Ergo, enabled and managed by The Ruling Swine, AGAIN.

  • Good; maybe if we publicize it enough, it’ll get through thick skulls and tough brain tissue…so that more people WAKE UP and smell the PNAC nation wreckers.

  • My only solutions is 2 Chronicles 7:14. As John Adams wrote. ”
    We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and
    religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

  • Do you have ANY proof, or even CREDIBLE suspicions, of your accusations that because a person who MAY have communicated with radical Muslims on the Federal Watch List that means the racist socialist Muslim traitor Mr. (intentional) Obama was behind it? Or ergo, are you just parroting extreme Far Right conspiracy theorists?

  • In politics nothing happens by accident.
    I’ll get back to you with specifics re: who the stooge was talking to and which Agency knew it.
    What do you think that hey MAY have been talking about, Autumn foliage tours ?

  • Sheepdog-CT you are talking about government spies/snipers/killers who are there for one purpose and then disappear into the crowd. Sounds like a movie to me, but, it does happen with the federal goons/CIA killers.

    “We recognize the trauma.” This is just another ‘pat phrase’ that enables a Legal Defense for criminal actions be cops. You cops MAKE UP the trauma specifically so that the ‘perp’ cannot obey the instructions of 3 or more screaming at them. It gives you another reason to shoot to kill instead of easing the tension to settle the situation.

    All of this is the result of federal police training which is designed to train cops for martial law enforcement against the citizens.

    One of these days the people will get fed up with the goons with badges and guns and will take their lives BACK! That day – the government officers, not just the cops, will begin to run for their lives as they realize that their actions have made them liable for the crime of TREASON! This means that they will be tried and hung for TREASON.

    When you give someone a ticket for “Failure to signal” a lane change, yet you do it every time that you are in the Police Motor Vehicle, you are committing a FELONY! For the citizen it is only a misdemeanor but for a SWORN OFFICER it is a deliberate violation of the Oath that they are required to take. ANY violation of the law or the statutes in Texas is deemed a DELIBERATE violation as they are ALL knowledgeable of the law as part of their PAID JOB!

    I am striving diligently to educate the people so that this will happen sooner rather than later.

    YES! It is that bad! We will have to hang people to get the attention of ALL Officers so that we can get our country back! No longer will we allow the goons to run the show while we pay their bills AND they ‘moonlight’ on duty to “make enough money to support my family” while most manage to get by on less than $80,000 a year.

  • My concern is your claim that because the shooter talked to radical Muslims that means the socialist Muslim traitor Mr. (intention) Obama was behind it. But I see you dared not reference that subject but had to bring up autumn foliage tours? So good luck on getting proof of your claim from anything but an extreme Far Right conspiracy site.

    However, you’d be surprised how many things in politics happen by accident, unless of course you’re a determinist who doesn’t believe in free will. Take for incidence WWI. Do you think it was predetermined by individuals? How did it start, why, and who was perhaps the most influential man of the 20th century? History and political science are absolutely fascinating.

  • Right on Wendy!! As a former police officer, I totally agree. When the police go into a shooting call, they absolutely do NOT know who is involved with the shooting. All are considered suspects until rendered not one. That alone gives police the right to search without a warrent. The law clearly states that fact. If police did not have that right, then anyone that was involved and acted like they weren’t would get away. It for the safety of all and not just the police that this type of search happens. You also were right about guns. It isn’t the guns that are the problem, it’s the people and their behavior, period!! Chicago has the strictest gun laws on the books, but it still has the highest murder rate and highest crime rates involving guns in the country. Gun laws do little to protect its citizens. Police officers are in very short supply. It’s one cop for every 1000 people. And in some areas, it’s even more. It takes an average of 6 minutes to respond to a call depending on where the cop is located closest to the call. An armed and trained home owner can stop the crime in seconds. The question I have for the people who do not like guns is what would you have to save yourself and your loved ones from a crime committed against you? A gun and training or a cop that could take 6 minutes to respond if you were even able to call for help at all!! Thanks for your post! It’s refreshing to this former cop to know that there are still people out there with a brain!!!

  • Thank you, both for your service as an Officer and for the brain comment. I wish more police Officer’s would speak up and out about home protection. I know the Police Dept. does it’s best but they are under funded and under staffed and can’t be everywhere at once. I live out in the country, so it would be a bit longer than 6 minutes for anyone to reach us. I just wish people truly understood the reality of what violence is. Violence isn’t guns. That guy in Oklahoma just proved it when he plowed into the Homecoming Parade with his car, killing I think 3 and injuring 27. No gun used and still so many dead and injured. Plus there were police already there, but the car got through. If someone wants to commit that kind of violence on a large scale, they will, gun or no gun.
    There are a couple of posts on facebook that have made sense to me about putting a few unemployed, armed Vets in our schools instead of making them all “Gun Free welcome mats”. Our kids would be a hell of a lot safer and it would help get some of our Vets employed. But that’s just this one women’s opinion.

  • I am sorry to correct you publically but in addition to your articles intent to make people scared of the police, the police legally have the right to search those backpacks and purses. Please do your research before posting.

    Guns are not the issue. Just take recent incidents in Lybia where sickos attemping mass murders drove their car into a bus stop and then got out and started stabbing people.

    Mental health is the issue and if you want to tie it to guns, lets focus on keeping the guns out of the hands if the Mentally ill.

    Chicago, a great city with the toughest gun laws in America, also has one of the highest gun violence statistics. So that tells us that guns laws are not the answer. It is NOT the police officers fault. They are under staffed, under supported and in a lot of cases out armed.

    Instead of scaring people with false gun information, use your platform to advocate for more mental health help.

    Make a difference instead of bitching about the

  • I’m a cop and that is dead wrong! What would they do if you refused to put your hands up or not walk in their line? Any real planned attack would have planned attacks from outside the buildings as well, picking off the ducks in a row. Isis is watching this kind of BS. More innocent sheeple will get hurt by over zealous or scared cops, good cops will make assessments and go to the active shooter etc. This is bad news, people need to wake up, and btw half the chiefs in America need to be fired!!!!!

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