This Is What Your Government Does When It Is Out-Of-Control

Even a brief glance over history reveals some consistent patterns. One of the mos disturbing patterns is how consistently governments grow to become out-of-control.

Unfortunately, that tendency toward out-of-control government growth isn’t limited to some communist country or some totalitarian backwater (though, those are definitely examples of this problem). No, even governments which are supposed to be by the people and for the people eventually become simply control freaks and predators.

Sadly, a 64 year old military veteran in Charlottesville, Virginia was on the receiving end of out-of-control government idiocy. An article from our friends at The Free Thought Project gives us the details:

Using a walker because of his disability, [John] Miska, a 64-year-old disabled war veteran who has been a vocal advocate for veterans’ causes and the First Amendment, entered the security area on August 11, 2018, and proceeded to the Mall’s CVS Pharmacy, which was within a section of the Mall that had been temporarily placed under heightened security restrictions. Miska purchased two cases of Arizona Iced Tea cans and a package of straight-edge razor blades, among other items.

Upon exiting the store, Miska was accosted by a dozen police, who searched the CVS plastic bag containing his purchases. Miska was then handcuffed, arrested and charged with violating Section 18-25 of the City Code and a draconian “emergency” declaration that prohibited anyone from entering the mall in possession of common household items, including metal beverage and food cans, glass bottles, skateboards, aerosol sprays and any other item police considered an “implement of a riot.”

Fortunately, the Rutherford Institute went to bat for Miska in defending him in court and had the case dismissed because of how ridiculous the city’s codes are in relation to these items.

Still, for Miska to be, basically, assaulted by police officers when all he was trying to do was some basic shopping at a CVS pharmacy is a symptom of how overbearing out-of-control governments tend to be.

The thing is, if Americans do not become vigilant about holding government in check by fighting crazy power grabs like the Charlottesville police tried to pull, then we’ll lose more-and-more of our freedoms to a government that doesn’t care about us.