This Is Scary: Group Is Actually Planning On Starting Another U.S. Civil War

The American Civil War was a tragic time in U.S. history. Thousands of U.S. soldiers died, and the suffering across the nation was massive. It’s not a scene that any sane person would actually want to experience. But, unfortunately, there is a current political group who aims to actually force a violent revolution in the United States.

Now, I understand why you would think that this is just silly rhetoric, and I can see how this might sound like something out of a 1950s Communist Party propaganda pamphlet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A political group which the mainstream media is treating as “mainstream” is openly calling for revolution. Paul Joseph Watson gives us details,

Far-left [antifa] militants plan to “gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country” in the hope of building momentum for civil unrest that leads to nothing less than domestic regime change.

“Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power,” states a call to action on the RefuseFascism website.

A longer screed posted on the Revolutionary Communist website makes it clear that Antifa is not prepared to wait for electoral change from Democrats, and will engage in a “ferocious struggle,” based on plans outlined in a book written by Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, which is called The Coming Civil War.

Now, understand, the mainstream media keeps giving credibility to these militants as if anitifa activists are calm, rational people who only want to do what’s best for our society. We can have a discussion as to whether antifa activists’ goals are good for our country and they may actually have good intentions for our country (in the same way that many Marxists actually want to do good. They just (wrongly) think that Marxism is the best way to do good.). What can’t be disputed is that antifa activists have been consistently violent during their protests, often fighting with non-antifa protesters and rioting. Also, antifa protesters show no interest in the Constitutional electoral process or in the will of the people. Antifa activists arrogantly think that they know what’s best for everyone.

Look, if rioters in Ferguson and Baltimore have been able to shape a national conversation based on rioting (and they have), then it’s logical to think that antifa activists think that they can shape the national conversation about the Presidency and government policies by rioting. That’s not peaceful. It doesn’t care about the viewpoints or rights of others. And it’s exactly the kind of thing that has blown up into real revolutions in other countries.

If that happens, you’ll want to disappear to allow those with violent intent to wear themselves out on each other. You’ll want to be prepared to protect yourself and your family, and you’ll want to have ways to provide for your family while their communist ideals work their way through our economy. In other words, you need to be prepared.


  • Oldclimber640

    Does anyone think that there can be the level of “demonstrations” that could take down the functioning of the government ? Then, given that highly unlikely scenario, does anyone think that a levy of citizens would allow it to go further ? (A levy is the spontaneous, protective uprising of a people, in response to overt aggression by an enemy or enemy agency.)

    • Francisco Machado

      Riots and the action of politically motivated mobs overthrew the French government, empowered dangerous dictators in both Italy and Germany. A french aristocrat at the time of the revolution commented that the function of revolution is to replace a bad leader with a worse one.

      • Oldclimber640

        Your riposte is like comparing a 200 year old apple to one still on the tree. Sure, they are still apples, but you neglect the condition of each in your rush to … well I don’t know what you are trying to do. Has it ever occurred to you that the general populace of the US are not necessarily “subjects”, by light of our 2nd Amendment ? Riots in underpopulated, commercial areas are one thing, but when you start threatening people’s homes, that’s another all together.

      • Munge

        Do you feel that way about the revolutionary war? Are you saying George Washington was worse than the king of England? I think maybe you’re not thinking of the complete picture.

        • Francisco Machado

          The American rebellion falls into different category. The American Revolution didn’t depose a monarch, didn’t attempt to overthrow a government. the American colonies had evolved into a nation, declared themselves such, and fought to establish their independence. That is very different from the examples I cited.

          • Oldclimber640

            Yet again a very myopic purview. They did overthrow the government during the Revolution, the King’s governors. Have you no perspective on history other than what you have seen on Disney ? Have you never heard the term “An assault on any of the King’s officers is an assault on the King”, as a justification to use a gallows for “correction” ? The Lexington and Concord fight, the fuse that lit that war, was over the King’s expedition to seize the arms the colonists were gathering in preparation for an invasion they believed was in the offing, in order to force the King’s will on the colonies. If you think there were no “hard feelings” after that, how about the war of 1812, partially over the impressing of our sailors by the HMS fleet, amongst other transgressions.

    • shamoo

      ask the bolshevik government in Russia. I think they were pretty well dispatched by the socialists.

      • Oldclimber640

        Ah, … it seems to me the Bolsheviks WERE the socialists/communists, though there may have been several different end practices associated with their political leanings. We have some idea of what the outcome was, though I am sure it was much worse than depicted, given the fawning attention our liberal media paid, even then. Ever read Solzhenitsyn ? If you haven’t, you should.

  • sasquatch1313

    Bunch of wankers. They aren’t going to accomplish anything without deep state backing. Look at the 70’s.

    • Munge

      Even with that backing do you really think they can over throw our government with the military we have being on President Trump’s side? It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight, they don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of accomplishing anything more than getting their asses kicked or killed.

      • sasquatch1313

        totally agree. I wouldn’t call it a civil war. I’d call it a target rich environment.

  • Jim Nada Culo-bacio

    Well then they should be prepared to die and go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let them burn.

    • raj

      Muslim hater. Dirty kuffar. Sukk dikk of a Saudi prince till juice comes out, now!! to contain Muslim hatred..

  • Carolyn

    Antifa is a bunch of scrawny, pampered, college white homos. They should make nothing more than some easy target practice. Anyone who fears these little tittie babies just because they put on a stocking mask is giving them MUCH too much credit.


      Haven’t seen one yet that I couldn’t take down. And I’m a disabled 55 yo vet. They have the right coast and the left coast (where I am). But, once they are out of the metropolitan area’s, out of the protection of the liberal mayors and city councils, they sputter out. Dangerous as they are as a collective, they are no match for American resolve.
      1991 (while I was in the Army) was the year I became a naturalized citizen. For the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around the entitlement mindset. They have no clue about what it is really like under an absolute Marxist/socialist regime. To them, everything is still unicorns and daisies. Mommy and daddy will take care of everything. They need to be careful what they do and wish for. Because the ones that will eventually stomp them out aren’t afraid of any of them. It won’t be the military or the police. Just fair warning…

      • BatGuanna

        They need to stay where they are the bubba;s of the word will not allow that!

  • Munge

    Those pussys from antifa don’t stand a chance.

  • SirWilhelm

    Red has been the color of Communism right from it’s beginning. It symbolizes the blood they believe must be spilled in the world wide revolutions they believed would be needed to make the whole world Communist. This is just a new generation of Reds trying to revive the old Communist methods. You should look to history to see the results of the few, successful, Communist revolutions. The Soviet Union was the first “success”. Millions of it’s citizens died in it’s internal power struggles. Millions more died in it’s external struggle with it’s rival Socialist state, Nazi Germany. Nazi stands for National Socialist Party, and Socialism is just another word for Communism, slightly modified to appear kinder, and gentler. North Korea is the latest failure, it’s people are starving, so that it can develop nuclear weapons. If the Left does manage to trigger a civil war in America, it will result in more deaths, if they win.

    • shamoo

      hmmm, the old domino theory has come here?

      • SirWilhelm

        Can you point to a moment when Communism gave up on their dream of a world wide worker’s revolution and world domination? After the Cold War ended, Russia lost it’s empire in the form of the Soviet Union. It’s governmental reforms were quickly corrupted by the ex-NKVD agent Putin, who’s now a tyrant in all but name. He has taken the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Through an alliance with Assad in Syria, he has secured a warm water port on the Med, an unfulfilled dream of Russia’s for centuries

        . China has built up it’s military, and has allowed it’s proxy, North Korea, to obtain nuclear weapons. Communism, on the other hand, is not the only threat. Allah has commanded his followers to enslave the world for him, no matter how long it takes, by any means necessary. Since oil was found under the desert sands of some Muslim dominated countries, they have obtained the means to resume jihad, which was stalled by the breakup of the First Islamic Empire, and Iran is obtaining the nuclear means to take jihad to another level. It may not be the “old domino theory”, but, most people see real threats there.

  • Darius the Mede

    One should hope that our law enforcement people will have the “permission” of the political elite class, to shoot these criminals, rather than allow them to destroy this country.

  • ReaperHD

    Don’t take these morons lightly as they are already violent and the government is just watching as they grow.

  • Michael Skok

    I think there has to be a constitutional convention to change the Constitution before we really do have another civil war. The constitution we now have was merely a unity pact among the states to form a federation. The Civil War made the Constitution the supreme law of the land. This not what the Constitution is. It is merely an agreement among the states to have a federation–not “one nation under God.” In order to make the Constitution the supreme law of the land making us “one nation under God,” we have to have a constitutional convention to change the Constitution so that we are a Judeo-Christian anti-Islam nation. We must be bold to spread Judeo-Christianity to our schools, Hollywood and throughout the world–especially the Muslim world, or we, as a democratic nation and leader of the Free World will not survive to the 22nd century.

  • pete0097

    The good thing is that there are only a few of these antifa protesters paid by Soros and once they are gone, the protests will end. Good thing I can still buy rounds at Wallyworld for practice if needed.

  • headhunter

    As long as the majority of Americans feel we are living under the “rule of law” (our Constitution-we will be treated the same) I don’t feel there will be a problem we can’t solve. When the government begins to exempt certain people from the law, we will have a problem. Race, we are not who we were 30 years ago. Black Americans -cops and vets have moved us a long way down the path towards real integration. All Americans owe these people. Martin Luther King wrote he wanted people to see , not a black man, but a man. The risks when the courts, schools, government begin to favor one group over all others. The overthrow of our elected government,Constitution, Bill of Rights is another tipping point. The last major issue is the 1 Amendment, freedom of the press was put into the Constitution to guarantee Americans would be told the truth about the World around them. If the “press” no longer fills that function and something really bad happens because of it, people will be held accountable.

  • You Just Cannot Maker this Stu

    Target rich environment, who could ask for anything else, take them down like zombies.

  • mthead

    Ridiculous! Antifa stands for anti fascism. That’s all. Are you for or against fascism? Our parents and grandparents fought and died to rid the world of the scourge of fascism. It’s painful to watch as Americans once again embrace that dreadful system of corporate control of the state.

    • shamoo

      ANTIFA is just a name. they are fascists.