• R. Hamilton

    I have some sympathy for the dislike of either the Patriot Act or its successor. But the forensics needed to investigate crimes and/or serious threats must be preserved, and not liquidated for the convenience of terrorists and criminals. Who preserves them is secondary. All “metadata” does is help determining who talked to who, i.e. who may (or may not, in the case of e.g. a pizza place) be a co-conspirator.

    And however much we may distrust the current administration, the intelligence community today is nothing like that of the days of Nixon or even Reagan (and Ollie’s escapades in the NSC). Tasking comes through channels, not from some faceless person in a tiny White House office.

    The threats today are real and serious; and while domestic tyranny must always be a concern, it is NOT the present greatest threat. These laws intrude almost none on liberty or privacy, and are necessary in the current threat climate.

    • Plebe2001

      Your statement has some good points, but it is discredited when you say ” the intelligence community today is nothing like that of the days of Nixon or even Reagan (and Ollie’s escapades in the NSC).” As I may agree with some of that, it did not include under Bill Clinton or Barrack Obama (Both using the IRS and other agencies improperly.

      • R. Hamilton

        I didn’t say that more recent administrations haven’t had abuses. And the IRS is NOT part of the intelligence community.

        • Jerry Scott Bailey

          No matter how you slice it, The Freedom Act has NOTHING to do with freedom, and is also a HUGE abuse of power , not to mention an incredible intrusion into peoples private lives…It is also a prelude to losing any bastion of freedom left , and I, myself am NOT comfortable with this sort of prying eyes into my life which is NONE of the gooberments business…If YOU are happy to give away YOUR FREEDOM, then why not book a flight to one of those (nice) dictator run countries where freedom of speech, Right to bear arms, and the gooberment being in your life for every decision you make from now on…

          • R. Hamilton

            You’re proving my point about ignoring shades of grey. Except that he’s an idiot about foreign policy, I’d almost vote for Rand Paul; I support the Constitution and Bill of Rights AS WRITTEN, not as diluted by the courts. And should it become clear that tyranny has taken hold at home, I’ll be out there doing something about it. But I also have some clue what I’m talking about. Guess what? The Post Office photographs the outside of letters and packages. That’s metadata too. Nobody seems to care…

          • Jerry Scott Bailey

            I am happy to hear that because when the war breaks out, and I feel it will be soon, I will be on the front lines too fighting for what I believe in which is the Constitution and Bill of Rights as written , and I do agree the courts have diluted them , and I am HEAVILY sickened by the gathering of metadata and the intrusion on our lives, and I am trying to be as off grid as possible, but being a member of facebook isn’t helping…Shades of grey are definitely broad, and I have NO PATIENCE for people who are passive and unwilling to speak out about these atrocities that our gooberment are committing on a daily basis to better “our lives” …I hate that we have a fat moocher named Mooochell Obummer telling our nations kids what they should eat and can eat at school, when the kids won’t eat most of it while HER kids are eating filet mignon, and chef salad with REAL fruit on the side and our kids are getting something rumored to be meat of some sort with a side of a grape or a small piece of bread …I bet her kids wouldn’t even attempt to eat anything like what our kids get in school…Her kids get full , ours don’t…And that piece of shit hubby of hers dictating that “We the people” HAVE TO BUY INSURANCE when it costs 10 times more than before he got his law passed…Seriously !!! So thank you for your response , and yes , I do care that the Post Office photographs our letters and packages …

  • Bruce Wayne

    I have no problem with this so long as they go after the REAL CRIMINALS and not
    regular folks like you and I.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      Right Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, wonder what you would say, if and when, “they” decide that you are now a real criminal, only because you disagree with their political point of view, and they have the power, and you don’t.

  • Liberty for COS

    And VERY FEW Republicans stood up to this sanctioned and permanent violation of the Fourth Amendment. Not surprising, unfortunately. As Benjamun Franklin stated, those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

  • Al Ferrara

    There is NO HOPE of ever returning America’s exceptional greatness as it was originally created by our God fearing founders! The only Nation ever inspired to be governed “by” and “for” the people was doomed to fail once God was evicted from our Institutions and Universities! Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Morally bankrupt greedy power mongers have crept into every last bastion of political power and the media and hold a death grip on it. All of you secular humanists scampering to find your crayon to author a scalding rebuttal to my audacious declaration that all hope is gone… you, who hope in hope’s sake alone; ignorant of both History and the Bible’s prophetic warnings of “America; the Great Whore; “Babylon the Great’s” final descent into judgement… mark my words! The fat lady’s just drawn a big deep breath… Come Lord Jesus!

    • jimships

      God is in charge and we will serve under the boot of our enemy for not declaring our national faith. He warned Israel, warned us and now we reap what we sow. As for hope…don’t count us out just yet.

  • Leland Taylor

    The compromised congress is merely feeding more legal cases to the attorneys who will do what the gutless legislators cannot do, protect the Constitution through the court system, It is amazing how much dirt Obama must have on the senators and representatives to get away with using the Menendez case as an example if they don’t do what he wants. Makes J. Edgar Hoover pale in comparison.

    • Ian MacLeod

      Mr. Taylor – apologies, but I’ve a question for you: My late mother’s dearest friend and counselor in her youth was the Reverend Dr. Leland Taylor, a professor at Carson–Newman University (or college?) in Tennessee. This would have been in the early 50’s. My apologies for asking this, but I found no other contact for you, sir.

  • 4Pip

    The man who won’t divulge his own past wants all of our information.He is also the one who talks about what he does as being fair to people but it’s not.Whatever he names a new regulation we can count on it being just the opposite.

  • Bruce Wayne

    To used to be a liberal,the real criminals are in the House,Senate,Supreme Court and
    the White house.They all need to be lined up against a long wall and shot dead!!!!!!!
    Time for citizen politicians WITH term limits,two four year terms for senators and three two year terms for representatives.After your term is over,your never to be elected again and some one else takes your place.

    • davida

      and no fat retirement for it…

  • jimships

    We cannot even stop data breaches of servers containing sensitive public and military data, or stop the facebook activity of our enemies, so why would we think the all knowing all seeing state should be capable of doing anything with the data they collect on granny. This pre-crime era violation of privacy is nothing more than an attempt to define who is a patriot and who is not. That’s the sum of it. Once the list/s are made, when the button is pushed in 2015-2016, the totalitarian state can finish its mission which is to enslave the people, take their wealth and create a new gunless OWO. God warned us about losing our faith, now our evil enemy is loose across the globe and in the wh. I figure we have 18 months max before ML.

  • Perplexed

    Is anything in our lives sacred any more? Do our representatives and citizenry not remember the effects of oppression in the lives of people throughout history? Why are we allowing the dark shadows of history to cloud our shores? OR is that why history curriculums are being revised, thus promoting general ignorance? I totally agree with 4Pip.

  • Chad Kalmbach

    We’ve had the IRS dive into our financial lives for decades. And we’re now getting pissed off?!! Guess what?!! The IRS is a private agency with federal authority. So what’s one more private company barging into our lives? I hope I’m still alive when the people stand up and say enough is enough. If that day ever comes.

  • LeonS9671

    I felt so strongly in re-reading the actions of our elected officials I chose to write one of our Senators with how deeply I feel about this unconstitutional action. I believe it is every citizens responsibility to do the same in your own words.
    To get hold of your senators and representatives in Washington D.C. simply Bing or Google a request for their email address in Washington D.C.. It worked for me. Discussing it is one thing but it doesn’t mean anything until it is followed up by an action.
    Let’s have a call to action by concerned citizen’s demand & communicated expectation. Let’s flood our capitols steps and halls with a re-sounding call to immediately repeal any further illegal eaves-dropping and data collection on every honest U.S. citizen. Remind your legislators in Washington this is a government that is supposed to be ” by the people and for the people”. Not a government that is led by an elite few. Enough is enough.

  • Leland Taylor

    So now we get to see the same judge or another one say that having the phone companies act as agents for the federal government to collect data is also unconstitutional and verboten. Why are our legislators so stupid? I am no relation to Leland Taylor the minister. My father was also Leland (B) Taylor as was his (C) where I am T Taylor. I should have some information on Google, such as that I have a Pro-Se contempt of court order against the Bureau of Land Management in which the BLM blithely ignored the judge’s orders for 6 years. He was angry and threatened further action directly against the personnel if it happened again.

  • DE_from_NC

    The “ultimate dream team” of Rorhschild/Rockefeller “puppets” is carrying out their agenda to the letter. Plain & simple. And America is in a Presstitute induced trance and can’t see the forest for the trees. All you gotta do IS STEP BACK AND LOOK AT A MUCH BIGGER PICTURE. Take these things and combine them to see “the end game”. First, you have a Kenyan impostor put in office by a completely rigged software driven voting system (see Clinton Curtis vote rigging on YouTube and listen to his grand jury testimony) in office signing laws that not a damn one of them is legal BECAUSE HE IS NOT !! Next you have Jade Helm exercises all over the place, NOW INCLUDING FIGHTER JETS FIRING BLANKS IN STRAFING RUNS IN MI, then throw in KenyanCare, then add Common Core “non education”, then add “everything Anti Christ, anti Bible, anti straight”, then add “we have the most powerful military in the world” sales pitch, but yet we can’t finish off a pack of sand fleas in 15 years o’ trying ? ITS NOT MEANT TO END, we coulda “won” a long time ago, but “winning” doesn’t profit in the BILLIONS !! PROLONGING DOES !! The Rothschilds/Rockefellers MAKE A KILLING during war times, NEVERENDING war times ! Does 20 years in Vietnam ring a bell ? How many $400 hammers & $300 toilet seats did they sell during those 20 years ? Then add in all the poisons “the totally bought FDA “approves”, have you looked at the labels of what you shop for to SEE JUST HOW MANY THINGS have the poisonous, artery clogging, weight gaining high fructose corn syrup in them ? LOTS !! I MEAN DAMN NEAR EVERYTHING in the grocery store will at least have a hint of that compound in it. And last but not least, the highly profitable “global warming scam”. Have you done any research on all these wind turbines that are going up everywhere ? The cost to erect one, factoring in days lost from power generation from low/no wind, days lost for maintenance, and an eventual generator head rebuild, THEY BARELY BREAK EVEN ! But they look good spinning alongside the interstate don’t they ? The scams roll on, the Freedom Act taking over where the “expired” Patriot Act left off is no surprise to somebody who doesn’t nor hasn’t listened to the Presstitute Propagandist in many, many years. They all need lil’ square mustaches under their noses. It’s no different to the propaganda he spewed over 1940’s AM radio, it’s just more high tech, high definition TV today, THE CONTENT IS THE SAME !! It’s like George Carlin said “It’s a big club, and yoooooouu ain’t in it” ! It don’t really matter if there’s an (R) or (D) by most of their names (there ARE a handful of REAL ones who abide their oath and the confines/restrictions of the Constitution) because if party affiliation WERE REAL, John “Boner” woulda exercised his power of arrest and started impeachment proceedings long ago for the dozens of cases of treason that has been committed !! I guess that about covers “The Big Club”, don’t ya think ? And if the most recent “Anything But Supreme” court decision on gay “marriage” don’t tell ya they also get a big fat Rothschild/Rockefeller paycheck too, than you need some KenyanCare to treat that coma you are in. It absolutely amazes me that we can group together as millions in a “power circle” and show 2 corporate giants like A & E and Cracker Barrel that we supported a typical straight, red blooded Christian American that was an example of what this country was founded on, yet we let s**t like this go ! Not a shot was fired, not a punch thrown, no riots took place, but 2 “liberalized” corporate giants saw their pockets about to be picked and changed their tune QUICKLY, didn’t they ? Time to snap outta your trance America.