Scary New App Is Literally Orwell’s Big Brother In Action

Everyday that I read the news, I end up scratching my head and wondering what in the world some people are thinking. Specifically, I’m talking about people who objectify governments and government intervention in our lives as if it is the hand of some benevolent god who can only do good things for us.

For anyone reading this who thinks that way: you’re wrong.

Anyone who has done even a minor study of history knows that governments always (and I do mean always) end up power-hungry, out-of-control, wicked parents who do more harm than good. Which is why a new smartphone app is simply baffling.

The app is being designed by a company called CARROT is being funded by the Ontario, Canada government (which means some left-leaning Congress-person will be pushing for it anytime now). The app is designed to “reward” users with points for making “smart” choices in areas such as their health, finances, etc. That, in and of itself, isn’t a bad thing (well, the funding source is a problem, but trying to live healthier and wiser is smart). The bad part is the other stuff that the app does. Josie Wales gives us details:

In order to use the app, users are giving Carrot Insights and the federal government permission to “access and collect information from your mobile device, including but not limited to, geo-location data, accelerometer/gyroscope data, your mobile device’s camera, microphone, contacts, calendar and Bluetooth connectivity in order to operate additional functionalities of the Services.”

Oh, and if you’re a paranoid type of person who still wants to use this app but thinks that you can get around this data gathering by turning the app off, you still don’t want to use this app. The app collects this data for the government even when the user isn’t using the app. And there is a precedent from oppressive governments to use this information in ways that harm their citizens. Wales writes again,

While still voluntary, the Carrot app is eerily similar to social credit systems in China, which not only offer rewards for compliance but also punishments for “trust-breakers,” who may face “penalties on subsidies, career progression, asset ownership and the ability to receive honorary titles from the Chinese government.” Though current applications of the social credit systems are unconnected, there has been a push in the country to combine them into one government-run program. [emphasis in original]

This is scary stuff, and there are certain people in our government who will want to control people this way, too, as soon as they are aware of it. Big Brother will literally be watching you.

What other apps do you find disturbing? Tell us below.


  • Estell Newton

    No smart phone for me.

    • ARJAY

      Only dumb phones for me, if I have a choice.

      • Estell Newton

        I have a  phone for emergencies only.  I seldom  answer it.

        • ARJAY

          Only time I answer my cell phone is if I know the number/caller.

          • Estell Newton

            Me too and then only if I want to talk to the person on the other end.  And when Christians have to run, I won’t be taking my phone.  It can be traced.

          • Mr_Constitution

            Just take a gun with you and your phone.

    • Mr_Constitution

      Smart phone good, but only when it is smart enough to know ahead of time if I want to talk to the caller. Now THAT would be a smart phone, wouldn’t it be?

      • Estell Newton

        It would be good if you don’t want to talk to the person calling and the phone didn’t ring.  I wish phones weren’t necessary.  I have them and more so since they are tracking devices.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    me either , government didn’t make this country grate , free thinking people did, and government sponged off of them with their out of control taxation

    • Fred Schloeman


      • Melvin Purvis

        So none of us need to do anything except wait for God to fix everything. Has God told you when he plans to start? Sorry, but rational people understand that it’s up to man to change things in our world.

        • Sherry

          Man has tried to be “rational” since the world began and has managed to screw things up because men cannot be trusted with the power to do as he wants. Because men are selfish, egotistical, and self centered! Real love for mankind would not have allowed abortion, hateful retaliation on those who offended your personal beliefs, or even embrace racism. Only God, through, His Son, Jesus Christ can change a man’s heart and his wrong understanding of what makes a country great! Our own founding fathers KNEW this and were inspired by our patient and loving Creator to write such a perfect document as our much vaunted Constitution that is admired and much copied around the world! NOW the deeply hateful far left Demoncrap communist party wants to destroy every vestige of it and our much fought for liberties we all hold dear! Most all have collectively turned our backs on God as Americans and are realizing that He is pulling away the bountiful blessings He has gifted this once faithful nation! People like you are the real problem and are willing to watch this nation descend into the hell YOU all have created for ALL of us! Well, He is returning SOON to retrieve the redeemed and to destroy every vestige of coveted sin that destroyed His creation, once and for all time! He has given all of us plenty of warning but most will ignore Him until it’s too late!

          • stopspending4

            God gave us a brain and the ability to make decisions and seperate good from bad. God will not step up and stop antifa any more than he steps up and stops cancer in children. He gave us the free will to make decisions and it is up to us, as a society and as individuals, to make the correct decisions and actions.

    • Sherry

      Actually, Richard, if you will look into our history; the FAITH of our fathers made this country GREAT because they trusted the ALL Powerful God of Providence! They already knew that they could never conceive such a great document as the Constitution because it had never been done before! They used the Holy Bible as the main plan and trusted God with every move that they made! They KNEW that man is not equipped to succeed in such a great “experiment” unless God was in it, behind it, and FOR IT! Wars were won miraculously because of their firm FAITH and total reliance on God! Their writings are filled with the miracles, wonders, and leadings of God! Their “free thinking” was a direct result of their prayer life and complete trusting the only One Who could get them through impossible situations!