Prepping to Care for Children

If you are like me, then the idea of making sure that your children are prepared and safe in a disastrous / survival situation is utmost in your mind. If you aren’t thinking ahead to make sure that they are ready, then you are asking for a bad situation to get exponentially worse.

So, how do you prepare for this situation with your kids? The Modern Survivalist says that you must focus on three subjects:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Diseases
  3. Stress

If you just use some common sense, you’ll realize that your children will tend to follow your lead, follow your directions, and depend on you for their lives.

So, for nutrition, you need to make sure that your children are receiving enough protein and fresh fruits and vegetables. Plan ahead for your on-hand food and food gathering options, which can include hunting.

For diseases, make sure that you have medications for dealing with fevers, diarrhea, infections, and antibiotics. In a disaster situation, these medications may not be readily available.

For stress, learn to handle your own stress and teach them how to handle stress. Stress is not only physically toxic to the body, but it inhibits thinking thus preventing optimal handling of situations and resources.

Listen to a discussion about these issues below:

What are your best tips for prepping for children? Share them below.