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Outrageous! Federal Immigration And Custom’s Enforcement Agents Directed To Steal From Americans

Outrageous! Federal Immigration And Custom’s Enforcement Agents Directed To Steal From Americans

Americans fear government corruption at incredibly high levels now (see this article for more details) and with good reason. Our government, like all governments, has an unpleasant history of abusing power and using average, everyday Americans for the personal gain of those at the pinnacle of power.

Now, another report details more outrageous dealings by our government which justifies people’s distrust of government officials. Jason Snead writes,

In a shocking report last week, The Intercept—an investigative reporting outlet—released portions of an internal government manual detailing how and why federal agents should seize cash and property using powerful asset forfeiture laws.

From what we’ve seen of the manual, called the “Asset Forfeiture Handbook” and used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations arm, the short answer to that question seems to be: Federal agents should be seizing property to make money.

Civil asset forfeiture laws allow law enforcement agencies to seize property they allege was involved in a crime, often without a warrant and without any criminal charges being filed.

Once the property is seized, the property owner must prove, in essence, his own innocence—a complete reversal of the presumption of innocence found in the criminal law.

This is completely unacceptable! Our own government laid out in a policy handbook that they should shake down innocent Americans and immigrants (yes, for those of you who are cynical, even legal immigrants) for money and then make those innocent people fight to get back what had been theirs before the government took it from them.

It gives more weight to the old quip: Don’t steal; the government hates competition.

Look, to have theft codified into standard operating procedure is the kind of thing that you would expect from the mafia or some other crime syndicate. Maybe that’s why the Feds locked up Al Capone: he was too good at keeping them from taking a cut of his profits (they snagged him on tax evasion, after all).

It is exactly this kind of outright theft that makes so many Americans (and not just “greedy” wealthy people) take their assets overseas. For most of those people, it’s not about tax evasion (as in illegally avoiding paying taxes); it’s about keeping the government from stealing their assets, and you, too, should look into ways to maintain control over your assets such as taking those assets overseas. Your family’s financial future may depend on it.



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  • Elect politicians who swear to uphold the constitution. Ooops they already do. They talk the talk, make them walk the walk.

  • Make them walk the plank when they fail to obey The Constitution for the United States of America.

  • Elect leaders that have to abide by and are susceptible to the laws that they themselves create. Live on the same financial terms that the voters must. Retire on the same terms that the average Citizens must. Be enrolled in the same healthcare that they demand Everyone else use. Be replaced within a reasonable amount of time by term limits. A politician’s law making [US ‘laws’ are already in the millions] position was Never meant to be a lifetime Career.

  • DUH!!!! So What’s New??? If the Wussified Crybaby DemocRAT’s and RINO’s don’t get their way, they do all they can to hurt the average America who pays their salaries and whom they truly don’t give a Rats Ass about anyway….SOSDD Folks!!!! I can’t wait for 2018 Elections!!! Oops!!! We’re the FOOLS for allowing it to happen!! Are we falling into the trap of the fall of the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago???
    History Repeats……..

  • The ONLY one who swears to uphold the Constitution even before he is elected is Roy Moore.

    The scandal was created to put a cloud on his career if he is elected. It is created to destroy him BECAUSE HE VOWS TO UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION AND HE ALWAYS HAS AND THEY KNOW IT.

    What is so obvious in the accusations, they waited a month before the special election so there would not be enough time to clear him of any of the accusations.

    People are not using the orb, called their head with the so called brain in it, to put two and two together.

    The demonRATs have sacrificed two of their own, old pervert dirty old men Frankin and Cronyn, to sacrifice themselves just to push Roy Moore into the black hole because they KNOW that Moore will fight for our Constitution while they rip it to shreds. They MUST destroy the only document that defends and protects us against THEM.

    Why are we all of a sudden seeing all these perverts being exposed? If you think that all of a sudden the elite media and the dems are all of a sudden being exposed, think again. They have covered up their treasons and their perversions for decades by lies, slander, mocking, and murder, why are the all of a sudden becoming so self righteous?

    Roy Moore must be a major battle for them or they wouldn’t sacrifice them. They are throwing two into the fire to save the rest and to save their agenda. Bill and Hillary are no longer viable and will no longer lead them to their greedy power and control over our citizens again.

    The farce behind the sacrifice is to “fool” us into thinking that they are above board after all, that they are THE party to be in power. They know that after all this dies down that they will be back in power and control and everyone will forget, AS WE ALWAYS DO, and forgive their hate and division that they have caused, which most die hard demonRATs never thought anyway, because demonRATs all love to hate, love to form lynch mobs, and all they want anyway is entitlements and more entitlements.

    The liberals are fools, and they all need to know what their god party has planned for them. It’s up to us to try to educate them. If we don’t our beloved country, our sovereignty, and life as we know it, will be handed over to the elite liberal communist muslim UN global new world order that will end life in our country, and on planet earth, as we know it.


  • In plain, simple Kitchen Table English, Asset Forfeiture, aka Civil Asset Forfeiture is, has been and remains just one thing, and only one thing. THEFT UNDER COLOR OF LAW. End of story.

  • I care only when this happens to legal American citizens. Otherwise, it’s merely taking back the illegal gains from illegal labor.

  • Nothing new here – the TSA (as exemplified by Tucson airport’s ‘supervisor’ Cota-Robles) has been stealing from Americans since its inception.

  • Asset Forfeiture, aka Theft Under Colorof Law must stop, and it can be stopped by action taken by state legislatures and The Congress, House of Representatives and Senate. Failure to check these antics, criminal antics, runs serious risks, they being the state of affairs described as follows. Law Enforcement seeks the cooperation of the citizenry, and discovers the desired cooperation has been killed off by it’s own stupidity, it’s own greed, it’s own conniving.


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