Now The Feds Can Openly Control This Sector Of Society

Government takeover can happen quickly or it can happen gradually. While we haven’t (thankfully) seen a coup in the United States, the Federal government has been gradually expanding it’s power and control into different areas of society. Whether it is influence and control over state governments by threatening to withhold Federal money or whether it is through the use of laws, the Federal takeover has been becoming more and more complete.

Now, we can thank President Obama for sneaking in legislation two days before Christmas which gives the Feds the ability to muzzle the free press.

The legislation which was signed into law is called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and is, primarily, for the purpose of funding the military. However, nasty little provisions are often added onto legislation or cloaked to look innocent. Such is the case with the NDAA. Claire Bernish gives the details:

According to the text of the $619 billion bill, the Secretaries of State and Defense and other pertinent officials will be tasked with creating an innocuous-sounding “Global Engagement Center.”

“The purpose of the Center,”states the text, “shall be to lead, synchronize, and coordinate efforts of the Federal Government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United States national security interests.”


“The Center is authorized to provide grants or contracts of financial support to civil society groups, media content providers, nongovernmental organizations, federally funded research and development centers, private companies, or academic institutions for the following purposes:

  • To support local independent media who are best placed to refute foreign disinformation and manipulation in their own communities.
  • To collect and store examples in print, online, and social media, disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda directed at the United States and its allies and partners.
  • To analyze and report on tactics, techniques, and procedures of foreign information warfare with respect to disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda.
  • To support efforts by the Center to counter efforts by foreign entities to use disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda to influence the policies and social and political stability of the United States and United States allies and partner nations.

It doesn’t take too much imagination to see how this legislation can easily be used to prevent news that the government doesn’t like from getting to you and me, and, once that happens, how will you know what is really going on? You won’t have any warning of danger before it hits when it comes to a societal collapse.

With this new development, it’s even more important that you are ready now and ready all of the time because you won’t know when the disaster situation is going to hit.

What do you think about this new government leash on society? Tell us below.


  • Rob Waddell

    Well, our bible tells us there’s a time for everything, under the heavens! A time to listen, a time to learn, a time to be meek, a time to be stern, so when those Feds go and push us to far, its time that they learn, like our fathers before, we know who we are!

  • DG

    We must exercise our First amendment. Use it or lose it.

    Jews must be allowed to speak in support of Israel if they so chose. And Christians in support of policies they espouse, regardless of countries involved. And American patriots likewise, even if that means we oppose our government’s disruption of Middle East countries and its support of terrorist groups there.

    Americans must not let themselves be shut out of foreign policy discussion. We must not be prevented from opposing harmful U.S. policies just because some foreign power also opposes those American policies.

    • Deeper

      The problem is that violence is not included in the first amendment and that seems to be the bigger problem.

    • GRAMPA

      the first amendment protects free speech not the consequences from it.

      • Elizabeth Voelker


      • Mary

        It is up to a free society to clean up the problems that lead to too much tolerance of violent behavior.
        No one can yell “fire” in a movie theater.
        We must teach children safe and respectable ways to express their ideas.
        Violent behavior maybe starts with open parenting that does not set limits for the children. And hold to those acceptable limits!!!
        Children do what they can from vet young age.
        Childhood guidance and responsible parenting is what would reduce some of this unacceptable behavior.

        Just think these people will be the ones voting on laws that take care of us and our grandchildren whe we get too old to care for ourselves.
        Oh, God save us all!

        • GRAMPA

          spare the rod. does it work? My mother used a razor strap. she was expert in its use. an ignorant woman with a second grade education had more wisdom than any ten politicians today. taught me how to run my first business I had at 19 as I got out of the navy. I have owned two and have done so with nothing more than high school and Navy training. Today she would be jailed for her actions. I would still walk a mile barefoot thru broken glass to spend a half hour with her.
          it isnt the practice of our freedoms but the teaching that they must have consequences. the consequences that tell us that we are all equal under the law. clearly this isnt what we see today. this is what must change for government makes special classes of people and with this they divide us.with this division they will concur.

        • David Gearhart

          The liberal rioting and attacking those that disagree with them is not freedom of speech. It is criminal action, violating the rights of others.

    • Steve Bergin

      @DG: Bingo! “No More Wars!” Look at our track record, why does it take us on average of 8-10 years to end or leave a battleground? Unless, there is personal gain like when we kicked Hussein’s but out of Kuwait so fast it made his head spin! Wake Up America, say no to future wars and this Global Center that is a waste of our money and will be used to spy on us!

  • coyote-hunter

    That’s why the second amendment is where its at…supporting the first.

    • Brian Bonner

      We do not get our rights from the Constitution, it gets its power from we the people. Also remember until the 14th Amendment it only applied to the national govt

      • Dave Nettles

        Wrong again, our rights are God given.

  • reggie

    The 2013 Thornberry-Smith Amendment to the NDAA allows propaganda within the US (formerly forbidden by the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948). Mac Thornberry won 90% of the vote in 2016. Why? Adam Smith was a WA state senator at 25, and has been in DC, now into his 11th term. This is why the country is in such a mess. Career politicians that are clueless, and in my opinion, anti-American.

    • Mary

      Good point

  • angel

    had a terrorist event that kept us on the highway 2.5 hours not moving. and it was kept silent. put on the internet news page was removed instantly. and calls to police were told we cannot talk about it. and page removed said on the news channel that the page was removed. really amazing how we are kept from knowing ANYTHING AT ALL AND HOW THE BROWARD COUNTY FLORIDA OFFICIALS NEVER CALL OR RESPOND TO THE CITIZENS ABOUT A N Y T H I N G!! NOW THAT REALLY IS A CRIME TO HUMANITY.

    • Joye McCallum

      I don’t know how many times my posts have not been allowed on Facebook. They are one of many Big Brother watchers & interceders. We are being taken over from within!

      • angel

        And mine as well. Will not only be Obama ..trump will soon have his genocide agenda for vets disabled and seniors.
        I cannot post on one media for protecting some who were being bullied and insulted and mocked. No matter who it is wrong. But because I do not agree With some I am shunned but the abusers march on filthy language and threats to some who don’t agree me included. So do not feel a kind. And. Trump IS part of the new world order. Get used to it . was sick world. Glad I am 67.

      • Mary

        Yep! That is how we got all these immigrants with a cult of taking over our country from within. ……. sad, they even publicallly have announced that is what they have a goal.
        Breed in numbers. Take over neighborhoods, towns and cities. Bit by bit .
        Take a look at how the middle eastern refugees/immigrants have quietly been placed in many small towns. Easy to take them over. Vote in their people, and a start on breaking down this country from within!
        They have nothing but time to complete their goals. Which they have plenty of.
        I do not trust an administration that puts foreigner’s needs before those of the American people.

      • Steve Bergin

        We need to wise up and quit using Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc. Starve the Beasts! No more sports watching or watching demented tv shows filled with smut and brainwashing and talk to your kids about what they are being taught in school (aka: Islam not Christianity). All these elites are in the same club of Power and Control leading to our enslavement–look up the Communist Manifesto and Saul Alynski’s 12 Rules for Radicals and see how much of a hold they have on us already!

  • Dale Young

    The danger i this order as written is not what might be withheld from Americans, but what sorts of misinformation, propaganda, and indoctrination will distributed by these selected gov contractors. The disinformation function has been with us since WWIi.

    • Mary

      Right! Who to trust?

    • Mary

      Nobody can be trusted to do the right thing in the future. Unknown consequences may lurk in every piece of legislation we have.
      Events change and so does societal issues.
      May we pray that this part of the budget spending bill get reversed, and soon!!!

  • FloridaJim

    Swamp draining must move much faster. WHOM in our slimy government wants to lose his cushy job ? We have bureaucrats and their families to infest government fire 50% at once just to show how inept they are.

    • Mary

      The wheels of government turn ever too slowly!

    • David Gearhart

      The democrats continue their obstruction of refusing to negotiate with the republicans. Now with the help of McCain and his group of Trump haters.

  • big KAhuna

    I’m all for free speech if it’s truthful reporting – yet what I see happening in America with 80% of the media bought and owned by Socialists ( George Sorros) who control what is reported to the public/ the pressures he puts on other media differing from his opinions and considering how miss informed and
    how miss information can play a huge part in Sedition/Treason/ Coup of a country. I’m hoping for an oversight committee to punish those who lie and cannot back up their statements with clear proof before reporting to the public and should be removed from our airways. Misinformation ( brainwashing) can be just as damaging as no free speech. Our media should be controlled and monitored by high integrity and honest people ( held at a higher standard) and not the leadership. We may need a convention of the states to return this needed oversight function back to the people. Free speech should be allowed always but if anyone reports lies or false information to the masses then they must pay dearly
    ( harsh punishment and prevention from our airways) . Social media blogs and articles must also have oversight to prevent misinformation etc.

    • Forrest K. Wright

      foolish people do foolish things , but the truth shall be in us and revealed through us at some point in time . JESUS is LORD an KING .

  • cp123

    Obama is the devil.

    • Forrest K. Wright

      but very close to him , the ??? is anyone praying for him . it says to pray for and forgive our enemy . as long as they have breath there is hope for anyone .

  • Doski

    Let’s hope it will be used against those who would subvert America in pursuit of their own personal agenda.

  • ernldo

    Media lying is NOT covered by the first amendment.

    • Mary

      We can turn off the media by not watching their broadcasts, buying their books, and making sure we share our voices in a huge way.
      We can listen to opinions from others in a respectful way, yet sharing ours as well.
      We all can write letters… to
      Politicians, open articles in news papers, tv commentators, etc. if enough of us show our displeasure in a respectable way, it will make a difference. It will be a big difference than all the loud roars.

      • ernldo

        Forty years of decency got us nothing but bathhouse Barry Hussein, time to start smacking leftists back in kind…Brass knuckles if needed.

  • Wondering Woman

    Congress, get your arse off the irretutable evidence that Obama is a felon, fraud and the biggest hoax ever foisted upon We the People and bring him to trial which would negate every damned thing he has done during the last 8 years.

    President Trump, if your AG refuses to act on this, fire him and every congressional member who sides with him – immediately arrest them and detain them in the ‘FEMA camps ;while awaiting trials for high treason and crimes against humanity! This should remove a lot of new world order puppets from the swamp!

    • Mary

      So much to do, so little time!
      Sadly, there are probably more land mines put into other laws.
      Hope they can all be found n eradicated within Trump’s time in office!

    • David Gearhart

      Obama’s 1/4 black protects him from being held accountable for the crime wave of his administration. Any action against him is called racism.

      • Steve Bergin

        Not in most of America’s book. Who cares if its racism? That word has lost its credibility being overused.

        • David Gearhart

          Yes it is over used by the liberals as an excuse for their hate, riots, etc. to include the NFL kneeling.

  • Nikita63

    I think that every single piece of so-called legislation passed into law by the Obama Administration and their equally UnAmerican leftist cohorts be repealed as the treasonous attempt to destroy the Constitutional Republic and individual freedoms and choices that they ARE!! I am a disabled Vietnam vet who served this Country FAR more Honorably than most in Government EVER HAVE and, I had a degree in government prior to that service from the same school as the Current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Marine General Joseph Dunford, 10 years BEFORE he graduated in 1977. I am also a Tet Offensive survivor, former assistant to and protection for Medal of Honor Awardee for Valor Chaplain Charles Angelo Litekey of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade, who passed naturally 3 weeks before his 85th Birthday on January 20th, Inauguration day of this year. I also spent my last 18 months of Active Army service on the Combat Traumatic Amputee wards at Walter Reed Army Medical Center when it was located in Washington, D.C. and I had to put up with useless and criminal Congress cretins who demanded and GOT better CARE SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF THE RULING OLIGARCHY, WHICH IS IN ITSELF A VIOLATION OF THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE! You asked what I thought? There you have it and, EVERY BIT OF IT BASED ON 72 YEARS OF A GOOD FORMAL EDUCATION AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE! The current attacks on the first and second amendments are to silence dissent and prevent defense by LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS, of ABUSES FOMENTED UPON THEM BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT AND AN INVASION OF TERRORISTS, JIHADIST MUSLIMS, DRUG CARTELS, ILLEGALS AND ISIS INFILTRATORS AMONG THE NEVER VETTED ISLAMIC “SO-CALLED REFUGEES. Be prepared and aware of what is to come because it IS coming! Your own worthless government will see to it!

    • CindyLouTerror

      Thank you for your service and patriotic post. Birthers are correct that the traitor/seditionist Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro or whoever the hell he really is was an illegal president and muslim terrorist who hid behind a wall of misinformation and secrecy about his life and history and foisted an obviously phony birth certificate from Hawaii, (no surprise there from this tropical leftist paradise), as well as having a CT SS#. By exposing this evil soros puppet and legally removing his name from the list of U.S. Presidents, everything this thing creature has done would be wiped out. Everything. Then patriots need to turn their attention to the paymaster, nazi soros and family and other leftist capitalist hypocrite funders and the demoncrap party and their twisted supporters who are doing everything in their power to remove President Trump from office. While I do not want a repeat of the French Revolution or the American War Between the States there must be just punishment for this evil and the total obliteration of these seditionists and traitors which is necessary if we are to restore this Republic to its founding documents. The only safeguard against the inclination to evil that mankind has is for good people to be eternally vigilant so any further attempts to destroy this country can be stopped immediately. PC and using our laws against the country must stop now. Every illegal alien including anchor babies and refugee jihadists must be deported at once. Conquest movements masked as religion must never be permitted entry into this country and there are laws preventing this. Nor should communist or nazi organizations exist. The Congress must reconstruct the Federal Court System to prevent our enemies from using and abusing the courts to obstruct national security. No court must ever be permitted to legislate from the bench and the judicial system, be it state or federal, must be reined in and judges held accountable and punished for not ruling in accordance with American laws. Treason must be a capital crime and sedition a lifetime prison sentence at hard labor without any possible pardons. Term limits and limits on donor funding for political offices regardless of whether the donor has access to many phony fronts, organizations and PACS from which to raise and donate money should have some effect on purchasing politicians. Donations to hate organizations like ACLU and SPLC must not be tax deductible and these should not be deemed non-profits but are fronts for the leftist agenda of evil. Evil will always figure a way around any obstructions to their goals and we must always be aware of the nature of our enemies. We are at war and must prevail as the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

      • xraydavid

        I agree with almost everything you have stated above except I’m afraid you have to go all the way back to Abraham Lincoln who started out as a constitutional president and then ended up destroying the constitution while he was in office. The founders envisioned each state as it’s own government (country, if you will) , not a strong Union. Fortunately, we were able to save the constitution,up to a point, no thanks to Johnson who came after Lincoln. It took U.S. Grant to get us back on track, for a while. What we need to do is essentially ,,, one bill at a time, repeal every law created since December of 1912. I believe at that point, the” One subject at a time” bill ( last introduced in 2015) would help correct many of the negative issues we have faced, including allowing an in-eligible candidate to run for office, both with Obama and with Cruz. Either we restore the constitution, or we become just one more failed republic. We finally have a president again, instead of a “Benevolent Ruler”, so there is some glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, many simply voted for NOT Clinton, instead of understanding what was at stake! People need to wake up. We HAVE a rule book. It is relatively small. In fact I have one in my back pocket. When a person puts his hand on a Bible and swears to uphold the constitution, and then does not even try,,,, how can we believe another word that man or woman says? Most seem to have never even read the constitution. Trump is by appearance , at least trying. However, He has a LOT of negative opposition.

  • Mad Scientist

    Only Uncle Sam could come up with this sort of vague horses*** that could easily be twisted and abused.

  • Mary

    Think the government has done an over reach of powers.

  • MajJohn

    The vast majority of the news is news I don’t like. I doubt that this is going to effect the media.

  • Euclid22

    This Obama law is now going to the Supreme Court. Since it violates the US Constitution, it will be made null and void.

  • Darleen Smith

    they may be able to control the media and the way things are going if they remove Net Neutrality from the internet, they have us right where they want us. The government will run over the citizens in this nation in a flash with no care over the people being the ones that pay their salary or even vote. That will go next.

  • Mary

    How fast do you think it will take to get this reversed??
    We must see to it that it is reversed!!
    I don’t think our politicians even read these bills all the way through!!
    Just want their part and to hell with the rest of the bill.

  • Michael Mcraven

    What are you going to do,,,lay down and let them take our country?NOW,,THE Time has come to standup and say enough is enough. Election is Nov2018 American citizens band together and VOTE out the Democrats and Rep.RINOs and begin to take back our country. We now have a President who will listen to the little middle class people. STAND BY OUR PRESIDENT!

  • Reflect

    The left thought they were on a roll when they elected BHO….they hoped to carry it forward with Hellery, and just in case she didn’t get it, O decided to make a few last minute adjustments, along with his secret trolls through out the government. The swamp is bigger than thought….

  • Shirley

    We do not need this center. It needs to be rejected and the money given back to the people and not the members of congress for padding their pockets.

  • David Gearhart

    The government already supports the liberal public radio and TV stations. This is just more off the same. Liberal stations with their propaganda agenda are not self supporting. Obama was always talking about stopping Fox News. Trump is telling the truth about them being fake news. They are the liberal propaganda stations of lies, deceptions. Instead of reporting the news they are the news, They create the news to fit their socialist agenda.