No Longer A Conspiracy Theory: More And More Americans Believe This Now

When looking over news sites and your Facebook feed, you sometimes have to ask yourself some questions: Questions like “How do I know that this is true?” or “Where did they get this information?” or “Why do people let this continue?” Maybe you ask these questions because you are a skeptic, and maybe you ask these questions because some news claims are simply outlandish and hard to believe.

There is another question that you may want to ask yourself that you may not have previously considered: At what point is an idea no longer a conspiracy theory and actually a fact?

When it comes to the idea of a shadow government being in charge instead of your elected officials, this is an especially relevant question because, according to a new poll, the majority of Americans now believe this. Matt Agorist writes,

According to a Monmouth University Poll that was released this week, the majority of Americans believes that a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate the United State government from behind the scenes.

According to the poll, both democrats and republicans feel that there is a “deep state” faction that works in secrecy and exists to shape policy as well as spy on American citizens.

Keep in mind that this isn’t simply some partisan group that hates Trump and thinks that the election was rigged or on the flip side hates Hillary and thinks that the FBI investigations are a smokescreen for whatever purpose. And we’re also not talking about an “Illuminati” group that these people are concerned about.

No, these people are concerned about unelected bureaucrats who got their jobs, are fairly invisible to criticism because they are behind the smokescreen of the monolithic idea of government, and then proceed to take away our civil liberties.

Yes, we’re talking about bureaucrats in middle management in the White House, Congress, and the court system; bureaucrats in different departments of the Federal government; and bureaucrats in law enforcement including the FBI and NSA.

The fact of the matter is, because these unelected bureaucrats are hard to target to pin blame on when they abuse the citizens who pay their salaries, these people get away with abusing their positions and do things like spy and you and me and set up regulations (usually unConstitutional) that take away your freedom.

They are a big part of the swamp that Trump was elected to drain.

Now, we can have a discussion about whether Trump has worked to keep that promise, but it seems pretty clear that this shadow government of bureaucrats is in place and needs to go.

What we really need is a President, Congress, and court system that want to acknowledge and enforce the Tenth Amendment which strictly prohibits what the Federal government is allowed to do because the current abuse of power is exactly what that Amendment was designed to prevent.

  • Alan404

    I would say that all of The Bill of Rights,the first 10 amendments need stronger enforcement than they get, along with really tough penalties for violators thereof. What they get however is quite far removed from what should happen..


    I agree whole heartedly with this assessment, and pray that all the Republicans who are choosing not to run again for their House seats, are not just baling out, because it will give the liberals what they want, a chance to impeach our President, who has done more to give our government back to “We the people” than any other President in modern times. And just to remind those who may have forgotten, the House of Representatives is the only branch that can instigate the impeachment process. And we’ve seen liberals mouth their intent to do exactly that. And this is why they really want illegals to come and stay because, unlike the Senate, which only has 2 for each state, the House members are based on population of any given area, and liberals are ready to take advantage of illegals staying where they want them placed. Chuck

  • ConservativeMe

    Liberals & democrats are turning America into a communist nation….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
    Raid is distraction from investigating ILLEGAL FISA WARRANT & wiretaps… FIRE MUELLER, ROSENSTIEN &SESSIONS and start investigating real crimes including MUELLER & email server, illegal FISA warrant, Benghazi abandonment, fast and furious, Uranium One, etc., etc. Etc…. No matter what you do &all the good Trump has done liberals & dems will ALWAYS criticize him so enough is enough…. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT LIBERALS SAY ANYMORE & WHEN DID WHAT DEMS SAY OR THINK BECOME SET IN STONE AS FACT WITH NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE?! Democrats create distraction and ILLEGAL ONES at that to distract from investigating prior illegal acts, like lying to cover prior lies… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  • Participant11

    Well I was going to post and say pretty much the same thing! As another poster here But he beat me to it. Our country has been taken over by an outside communist force. And it was all gradual. And they are getting to the point of complete control and takeover of the country. Someone a long time ago, stated that the United States could never be destroyed from without but only from within. Well at least one of our enemies knows this well! There is no way to stop it! Only thing to do is prepare for it. Forget about everyone else and getting people to listen. You can`t save them, and they will only ridicule you. Just make preparations for yourself and the closest to you. Forget everyone else.

    • Terry Butts

      A list was published long ago outlining the steps they had to do to take over America it started with corrupting the youth and ends with DISARMING the people all one need do is watch the news to see what step they are currently on.

      • Participant11

        Yeah, but no one listens though. The country`s lost. No ones going to save it. Nothing left to do but prepare. Just sad.

        • Terry Butts

          That is because the government, politicians, media, and schools have for decades been conditioning people to think of those who see what is happening, pay attention to the actual words politicians said, and remember what happened in history and recognize when it appears to be repeating itself (only the people making false accusations and the victims falsely accused have changed) as nutcases or conspiracy theorists.

          In hitlers time he made false accusations against the Jews campaigned against them, disarmed them, then rounded them up and put them in camps where they were murdered outright, used as slave labor, or used in horrific medical experiments.

          Today the POLITICIANS are making the false accusations against millions of US citizens just for legally owning guns and are currently using almost word for word quotes from hitlers campaign against the Jews simply changing the word Jews to NRA or GUN OWNERS as they attempt the same disarmament of US citizens using the same excuses. It does not take a super intelligent person to see where it is heading especially when we already have politicians who have stated a desire to murder all gun owners and/or NRA members.

          Remember how they treated the people who pointed out that Obama himself in an interview actually stated the phrase “my muslim faith” even with a video available on YouTube of that interview where he clearly stated this they were called liars, racists etc. as the media, and Obama supporters all denied it happened and insist he is not muslim the interviewer who should have caught the Freudian slip and called him on it instead CORRECTED him with “you mean your Christian faith” then proceeded with the staged propaganda disguised as an interview.

          Had he been running as a republican they would have Destroyed his political career just on that accidental confession of lying about his religion not corrected him with what he was supposed to have said and continued the “interview” as if nothing happened outside of the script.

          • Participant11

            Sounds pretty accurate to me, what you stated. Caucasians, conservatives, Christians, have become the new Jews in a Hitler like society. You know theirs also video of Obama in a town meeting, on his health care, back when he was trying to sell it to people. Where he answers a lady`s question about her grandma and the hypothetical question if her 85 year old grandma needed a new heart? Obama pretty much said they would let her die! Confirming the death panel or at least death guidelines. And it was no big deal to anyone! Course Obama speaks so eloquently that no one noticed!? But pretty much translated, they will decide who lives and who dies. Country`s lost. And sadly nothing going to save it from falling apart.

          • Terry Butts

            He also told people they could keep their EXISTING plans and Doctors yet everyone was told their EXISTING plans that only covered what they needed did not meet the REQUIREMENTS and nearly every doctor had to be changed to ones that would accept the new insurance plans.

            The affordable care act (as it is misnamed) did nothing more than create and fund a bunch of committees to make policies, rules, and regulations controlling peoples ability to get and pay for health care.

            There have already been people reporting they were denied needed care one of them was actually told that because some COMMITTEE had decided he only had an estimated 20 years left that it was not “COST EFFECTIVE” to allow him to get the treatment.

            This was not them saying they would not pay for the treatment it was them saying that even if he had the money himself to pay for it he would not be allowed get it because of his age.

            Just like that woman in England several years ago who was denied a simple injection that would have saved her life because they felt it would be UNFAIR to those who could not afford it if she was allowed to pay for it herself after their committee turned her down. They even pulled her passport out of fear she would go to America and get the treatment.

            A lot of people failed to realize that all that controversy over how the VA was treating (or rather not treating) patients was simply them having implemented obama’s health care plan since he did not need to pass new legislation to control the VA.

            They even added punishments for any patient that gave up waiting for treatment from the VA and went to a normal emergency room like the one who broke his arm and was sent back home by them to wait for a call when they could fit him for the emergency care he needed immediately.

            That call came nearly two weeks later he like anyone of intelligence did not go home he went to a REAL HOSPITAL emergency room and been treated for the emergency that could not possibly have been put off even for a few hours much less two weeks.

          • Participant11

            And where is this reported anywhere in the media!? And where is the outrage! over this! I have been telling people for the longest time that we have no media in America! What we have here in America, taking place of the so called media, is an political agenda based leftist propaganda organization. And they do not want anyone to know what you just posted. On Obama care.

          • Terry Butts

            The media was outed long ago as being nothing more than the propaganda arm of whatever politics the stations owner follows. It goes far beyond “Obama care”

            Years back there was the wrongful firing of a reporter who when told to air a story about a school shooting contacted their source at the police office to get better information and learned that no such incident had happened so they refused to air the story because it failed even basic fact checking knowing that it would PANIC people without cause (exactly what the station owner wanted to get their agenda pushed by people reacting from emotion instead of true facts).

            They were fired and sued the station for wrongful termination on the grounds the news was supposed to do its best to report only the truth and not PANIC the public by airing fake stories the judge UPHELD THE FIRING stating news was just another form of entertainment that they had to REPORT ANYTHING regardless of facts if the station ordered them to do so or the station could fire them.

            From that time forward less and less facts were reported accurately and more stories many even proven false later were aired just to manipulate people into supporting the agenda of the station owners.

            Some examples.

            Those who watched the LIVE COVERAGE of what happened in Waco saw NORMAL tanks with regular barrels if they watched the uncensored live C band satellite feed they saw the BILLOWING FLAMES (a reflection of light even the sun would not BILLOW) shooting out of the barrel of that one tank as it pulled out of the HOLE IT MADE in the wall it had just pumped the FLAMMABLE tear gas into the building through and yes at the time it happened they ADMITTED they were using the tanks to put tear gas into the building. People reportedly saw helicopters as well the official media claimed there was none.

            Just over a year or two later the media was playing footage that appeared to be censored military HELICOPTER RECORDED gun camera footage and claiming the tanks had no barrels at all that they had some weird looking push bars instead. Kind of hard to use a push bar to insert teargas.

            When a shooting in an Oklahoma post office happened (before that court ruling) they reported the facts. The criminal was part of the military he checked military RIFLES out of a MILITARY arsenal for training using them in the crime that NO CIVILIAN GUN LAW past, present, or future could have stopped it. Just a year later on the anniversary of the incident (after the ruling) on the very same channel the VERY SAME NEWS PERSON was spouting how the BRADY BILL would have saved the people if it had only been passed before the crime.

            They rely on the SHORT MEMORY and even shorter attention spans of the people coming out of the mes they made of public schools to get away with this blatant propaganda that is supporting their political agenda.

            After numerous home recordings from Waco and the Oklahoma City attack came out proving much of this propaganda was lies most if not all of those uncensored C band feeds suddenly became scrambled forcing people to rely on the selectively edited footage aired after the fact instead of live feeds.

            Right now there are people actually arguing that the HOLOCAUSTS under Hitler and others never happened (ignoring all the survivors, recordings, photos, and documents proving they did).

            All of those perpetrating these started by disarming their intended victims this truth harms the currant political agenda the UN has of disarming ALL people to the point of being unable to provide any form of armed resistance. In London they have moved on to going after ALL items that might be usable to stab or cut someone.

            They have actually tried to claim in Hitlers case (despite the laws and speeches he made to the contrary) they only rounded them up to put them in “WORK CAMPS” and they died because of SANCTIONS against Germany or diseases that somehow selectively affected only the ones held as prisoners in the camps. That the horrific well documented some even filmed deaths by horrific medical experiments never happened, that the GAS chambers they tried to make look like showers were actual showers etc. that attempting to blow them up as the camps were liberated was not a failed attempt at DESTROYING evidence of the mass murders.

            Used to when these people crawled out of the whatever rock they apparently live under and started spouting “it never happened” then supporting laws similar to ones Hitler used in abolishing peoples rights something they tend to try at least once a decade hoping to few survivors are left to contradict them some of the media would air interviews with the survivors and show the evidence now they do not. In fact schools even started refusing to have them as speakers because they never renounce their religion and most say the biggest mistake they ever made was OBEYING Hitler when he disarmed them. They want no mention of the biggest things that go against the OFFICIAL POLITICAL stance of the NEA for example religion, actual free speech, and the BILL OF RIGHTS.

          • Participant11

            Yeah. Bottom line, it`s over for the country. Our enemies have exploited, taken advantage, of what they see as all the vulnerabilities of living in a free society. To pretty much destroy the country from within. Good luck to you, and those close to you. For what`s coming.

  • aquatoaster

    @Alan404, I can agree with some of what you said, however during any time of war whether civil or abroad, rights are mostly usurped by the duty of the state. Communications are usually the first target. I’m not sure if any of the founders of the USA were absolutist, even when it came to freedom of speech. Their speech was constrained by the number of printing presses available in their time,
    and since their common frame of mind was capitalist and populist, my best guess is they hoped industry would one day provide a printing press in every household, so long as Congress controlled the printing of money. It didn’t go well. Which political party controlled the WH when the Federal Reserve Act was made a tradition in 1913? You guessed it: Evil.

    That being said, When the state can no longer discharge its’ duties to the citizens, the government incurs debt to satisfy the demand for state services on behalf of the majority. Thus the limitation or expansion of governments’ role in the life of Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public is constrained to any given populist issue.

    The only way the government or the populace can bring issues to light is through the freedom of the press, and protected unilateral freedom of speech, especially back when printing presses were had at a price no proletariat could afford, let alone read for pleasure or for one’s own learning and edification. In a purely Capitalist environment, spare time is a matter of merit and afforded to those who are able. Only the truly wealthy can afford to give their time and talent to the poor and needy.
    Capitalism drives the truly talented and able up as leaders and teachers, however this only happens on the terms of those who are giving their time and talent as a charitable offering to those who have not studied enough to earn as much.

    I believe this was the political infiltration point of Democracy into what was once a united federation of republics, a role model experiment in both idealism and the corruption of the same. Given the time period, only those who employed a capitalist system of self governance could afford to read or write. They were the elite who had free time and spare change to buy a news paper or create one. They could therefore discern who their vote would count for the highest good, not necessarily the greatest good. Everyone else was only interested in their own work and profit. They gave not a damn about anyone else and became Democrats.

    Nowadays, the printing press is everywhere the Newspaper exists. Just about anyone can be a reporter. All it takes is a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account. I don’t believe this happened

    the way it did by accident.

    The 10th Amendment right only exists in any Citizens’ duty as afforded by the Declaration of Independence, enforced by a 2/3 majority, if memory serves. This is the second and most critical flaw. No Totalitarian system is beyond the corruption of their leadership: In any democracy, only 51% need to be corrupt to destroy an entire system. In any Satanic system, 66% must agree to form a Majority. If any Human Populist system is to succeed, 91+% must agree.

    Legal overreach must be kept in check. Tort law is a flawed attempt at judicial legislation.

    If the people ever figure out how to issue their own currency, the brainwashing program of the Dems will actually work and slavery will become universal among all Humanity. Once that happens, no jury can be trusted.

    Who voted against abolition of slavery? Dems.
    Who voted for the Federal Reserve System? Dems.
    Who dropped the first Atomic Bombs? Dems.

  • avram26

    There WAS a ‘solution’ for your fears, but you didn’t accept it. So now you must bear the consequences for your slothful rejection and ignorance of the ONE source of TRUTH and help. You trusted in man to ‘protect’ you, and this international mess is what you get – as prophesied by the Prophets of the Most High God. It’s not up to anyone but God (yes, I said “God”, you heathens). Now there is no ‘remedy’ to turn things around, and the Worst is yet to come. I don’t care if you believe me or not – you didn’t believe God. You are ‘dead’ already in your sins. RIP (Rush Into Purgatory).

  • Jarhead

    Drain the swamp…..out with the massive growing FED/GOV corruption…….Term Limits, drug testing, longer prison terms for those found guilty……build the wall…….defund the IRS, BLM, EPA, VA…….stop funding NFL & all Planned Parenthood murders……bring our Military home for border security……..

  • h5mind

    The simplest way to muddy the waters on any topic is to monkey with the terms. A conspiracy is just “two or more individuals plotting secretly to commit a crime”. They happen every day. But by tacking “theory” on the end, it automatically paints anyone who suspect such crimes occur as a little nutty. Everyone has a chuckle (including the criminals in question) and it’s back to business as usual. This is probably why the most outspoken (and honest) critics are comedians.