Natural Ways To Kill Spiders At Your Bug Out Location

I don’t know about you, but I really hate spiders. I know that they do a lot of good in keeping down pests, but that doesn’t keep me from feeling creeped out every time that I see one.

Fortunately, though, if you’re like me, finding a way to deal with spiders in your house isn’t too hard to do. And, thanks to a little information from Tricia Drevets, you can have ways to take care of spiders at your bug out location (or at home if you prefer to use natural solutions). Here are Drevets’ solutions, with our commentary:

  1. Clean up the clutter inside. Spiders thrive in places that have little nooks and crannies that they can build their webs in. If you remove the clutter from your home, there are fewer little areas for spiders to build inside of or behind.
  2. Cut back vegetation outside. Spiders like the small places inside of shrubbery or between a tree and a building. Trim the bushes back, and spiders are less likely to decide to stop inside your home for a visit.
  3. Seal cracks and holes. If they don’t have an easy way in, they are more likely to find a more convenient place to build a web outside of your home.
  4. Adopt a cat. Cats are hunters, and they are happy to hunt small animals and, yes, spiders.
  5. Essential oils. Spiders hate the smell of peppermint. A few drops rubbed onto the wall in areas that spiders like will deter them.
  6. Diatomaceous earth. This is a natural insect killer that works on a variety of pests but is safe for mammals to ingest (so you don’t have to worry about your pets or small children).
  7. White vinegar. Mixed with water and sprayed in tight spaces, vinegar can help repel spiders.
  8. Citrus. Like essential oils, the remaining scent in orange, lemon, and grapefruit peels repels spiders.
  9. Baking Soda. Another repellent. Is there anything that baking soda isn’t good for?
  10. Chestnuts. Apparently, spiders dislike the smell of chestnuts. How to make this work? Drevets writes, “The odor of chestnuts really bothers spiders, so you can deter spiders by placing chestnuts in trouble areas. Poke a few holes in the nut to release the scent more fully.”
  11. Turmeric. Again, it’s the odor, but be careful where you put it because turmeric stains.
  12. Salt. Spray a saltwater solution into “cracks and crevices to keep the creatures from entering your home.”

So, there you have it: twelve natural ways to either keep spiders out of your home or to kill them. I know that they have great uses, but I don’t want them in my home. So, when it comes to the idea of spiders in my house, all of these are worth doing.


  • Clifford Wilhelm

    they are great mosiquito eliminators in or out. if their webs are out of the way
    & don’t bother you way to pass, leave them alone. their webs catch fly & moths
    too. Vacuum the web up once in a while so they don’t get lazy on the job. the
    daddy long legs are the best to have around & their harmless to humans.
    smash any blk spiders with a red dot on back or stomach w/fly swatter. ..later

    • Marjorie Lee Peterson

      You also need to smash brown ones. Brown recluses are one of the most poisonous spiders around!