Is Urban Sustainability For Individuals Possible?

Geoff Lawton is an interesting guy. He has dedicated his life to the concept of small-scale sustainability especially the kind that individuals and families can implement themselves.

One of things that makes Lawton’s thinking so interesting and different is that he thinks in terms of ecosystems and how the growing area interacts with the overall landscape to replenish nutrients and maximize nutritional productivity.

His thinking has to do with strategically planning the growing area to make use of “micro climates” to make use of the interaction of one micro climate with another micro climate.

In the video below, Lawton shows us a really interesting example of a thoroughly planned urban/suburban yard that is used for agricultural purposes. He details growing food, water capture and usage, physical shape of the growing area, composting, and even touches on sustainable power capture and usage.

Watch it below:

What do you think? Does Lawton have concepts worth learning from or has he gone off of the deep end? Comment below.