Grandma With Cancer Is Assaulted By Police Over Exercising Her 4th Amendment Rights

In many ways, it is a sad world that we live in, a world in which abusing the weak and defenseless is acceptable to many people. That’s bad enough, but when those who are weak and defenseless are abused by the people who are supposed to protect them, then you have a world that seems ready to fall apart.

Unfortunately, that latter situation is, too often, exactly what you see. A heartbreaking example of this happened in Greenville, South Caroline recently. Matt Agorist gives us the sad details:

A 62-year-old grandma, who is suffering with cancer, is speaking out this week after she says she was attacked by police because she asked them for a search warrant.

The alleged victim, Cassandra Johnson had never been in trouble with police before this week. But that all changed when she was thrown in the Greenville County Detention Center for attempting to flex her rights.

According to police, they were at Johnson’s residence on Monday around 5 a.m. to serve an arrest warrant to her son, Julius Johnson. However, according to Cassandra, Julius was not there and has never lived there.

As FOX Carolina reports:

Johnson said she told officers Julius has never lived at the residence. Officers said they continuously asked to come into the home to search. Johnson asked for a search warrant, however, police explained an arrest warrant was sufficient in this case.

Johnson said when she wouldn’t move aside, the officers threw her on the ground and handcuffed her. She said her other son, Jermaine Johnson, was home and was yelling at the officers that his mother has stage four cancer.

However, according to Johnson, the officers couldn’t have cared less about this grandma’s cancer and they attacked her.

Now, imagine if this had been your mother or grandmother. Would you find this acceptable? No, of course you wouldn’t. And why should these police officers feel justified in assaulting a frail elderly woman?

Unfortunately, this is the twisted thinking that is becoming more-and-more common these days. Our law enforcement officers too often feel like it’s their right to abuse ordinary citizens like you and me, and, while you and I may be healthy enough to survive some abuse, fragile people like Cassandra Johnson deserve better.


  • MBounce

    The Gestapo will always claim that whatever they have is “sufficient”. Maybe an arrest warrant for someone allows the cops to invade your home claiming that they are “looking” for someone, but it sure does not seem right to me. Sue the hell out of them and hope for a big settlement. It can fund your cancer treatments. Good Luck.

    • lordhoff

      All the money will go to her lawyers.

  • Patrick Feeney

    The cops in Greenville, South Carolina are obviously a bunch of sissified twits? They are unfit to serve! What is Greenville going to do about this?

    • lordhoff

      It wasn’t Greenville but close (Spartenburg) where my dad was ticketed for parking in a crippled slot – even though he had a plate allowing this (the cop’s claim? But it wasn’t a SC plate – it was issued in PA). It got thrown out prior to court but that type of idiocy is TAUGHT to modern police. Ever hear the robotic statement, “the law is the law”?

      • Big Iron

        The ill-trained officers are under pressure to furnish “sheeple” for the “fake” courts who make enourmous

  • Moe

    Honestly, would it not be nice to hear the police side of the story too? It is like judging soldiers for friendly fire killings of non combatants, when you never been to war or face death daily with fear.


    This sounds too much like fake news, I’d need a little more information and verification to swallow this story. It sounds too much like what Obama pulled in the Missouri shooting with the “Gentle Giant” story. Chuck

  • lordhoff

    3 months in jail for each officer involved and one year for their boss on scene might cure their liberal thinking.

  • Ischgabibble

    She should have let them look but not touch anything. Then she could tell them to get the Hell out of her house and they would have to leave.

  • Alan404

    Simply put, some people in uniform perform admirably. Others should not be allowed in the same room with a uniform, let alone be allowed to wear one.

  • Big Iron

    She shouldn’t have had to ask for the search warrant at all; it should have been presented to her when she opened the door. The failure of the officer to present it to her is a violation of the law thus the officer has “no standing”, HE is the criminal; HE committed an assault, an unwarranted assault. SHE was not under arrest and had NO DUTY to follow his orders at all. HE is a THUG …only! HE is a CRIMINAL! The problem is not the people it is ILL trained “officers” or those who should have flunked out of consideration as an officer.

    This officerr’s behavior is such that he should be dismissed and his behavior investigated to find out why he behaved in the way he did. Since he did not follow procedure his bond is “toast” and maybe the bonds of his superiors as well. Go up the food chain and many of them may be found culpable and if so there go their bonds as well (although they will probably try to through the officer under the bus to save themselves) and they can go to their new jobs (would you like fries with that burger, Mam?/Sir? ‘can’t be an officer without a Bond!)

    • lordhoff

      They are taught to be thugs since the federal government decided to militarize the police forces. And, no, that is not an anti-military statement (I’m a disabled veteran for Pete’s sake). Two different jobs that should have different methods.

  • David Jernigan

    I don’t need any more proof that this happened as the same thing happened to me a year and a half ago in Brownwood Texas for claiming my 5th ammendment rights. I am severely disabled and was questioned while sitting in my own front yard what happened here tonight. Nothing really happened, only a small argument but was already resolved before cops showed up. I tried about five times to say that but was interrupted every time so I said, Look, sir, I have tried to answer your question already about five times and I don’t know what you want me to say, so i am not going to answer any more questions. I was told to turn around and put my hands behind me, so I did. The officer put a zip tie on my wrists, then jerked me down by my hair and begtan yelling I hit him. Another officer present ran over and beat me in the face using steel hand cuffs around his hand like using brass knucks, then those cuffs were put on me. Then the one who jerked me down took out his teaser and shoved it over my heart as hard as he could, and threatened to pull the trigger. I was thrown in Jail and the next day charged with $40,000 in bonds which I am still trying to pay for. I live on a very small disability check and still have two young daughters, even though I am 64 years old. My wife was young but I lost her in 2011 due to suicide. I wound up with two broken ribs from the teaser gun and a concussion from being beat in the face. All for invoking my fifth amendment rights. I have no money so I have a court appointed Lawyer, how good of a defense do you think I will actually get? So far the cops still won’t release the video footage from that night, which by the way was Memorial Day.

  • Big Iron


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  • Michael Ingenito

    This deserves a big “Sig Heil “

  • Grandpa

    TRIGGER happy KILLERS EMPTYING THIER GUNS ON UNARMED CITIZENS SAME HERE WOMAN CALLED FOR HELP ,WHILE TALKING TO ONE OFFICER IN HER PJ’s and unarmed was shot 3 times and killed >>an immigrat who got off after the city waited over a year to inditethat badge does “NOT:” make you 007″s with a right to kill don’t trust an officer as you may wind up bein shot

  • James Jones

    This is what happens when we give government too much power. Folks we are gonna be screwed sooner than you think.