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Facebook Co-Founder Reveals why Going Off the Grid Will Become Necessary

Facebook Co-Founder Reveals why Going Off the Grid Will Become Necessary

The question of whether or not to bug out is always in the back of every survivalist’s mind.

Disastrous threats can come in many forms, and their true impact may not be evident until it’s too late.

But Facebook’s co-founder dropped a bombshell that suggests the giant tech company poses an existential threat.

Chris Hughes, Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard roommate and an early member of Facebook’s creative team, believes Facebook is now too big and powerful.

In a New York Times op-ed, Hughes said, “It’s time to break up Facebook.”

Hughes believes Facebook’s power is “unprecedented” and “un-American.”

Facebook became the predominant social media network, supplanting MySpace many years ago.

Since then, Facebook has gobbled up other incredibly popular social media services Instagram and WhatsApp.

Hughes also said, “[Zuckerberg] created a leviathan that crowds out entrepreneurship and restricts consumer choice.”

The problem goes deeper than that.

Facebook is still the main hub where most people get their news, and where businesses advertise, so the company has significant power.

And recently Facebook has shown that they’re using that power to stifle political opinions with which they find “dangerous.”

Unsurprisingly, almost all of those opinions are held by conservatives.

Air Force combat veteran and triple amputee Brian Kolfage had his start-up company’s advertising page banned because of his support of Donald Trump.

His page was nuked without warning.

Other prominent pro-Trump figures have also been purged from the social media giant.

Even worse, Facebook is trying to break into the cryptocurrency market, so they would have the power to bar people from commerce for having the “wrong” opinions.

Perhaps the scariest thing of all about Facebook are the shadow profiles they create.

Even if you’ve never been on Facebook, you likely have a shadow profile.

For example, if a relative lists all his siblings or co-workers on his page, the Facebook algorithm will create a profile for those people even if they’ve never been on the site, and flesh out the network based on connections.

So Facebook potentially has the power to mark you as someone with wrongthink opinions without your knowing.

Hughes and others suggest that it’s time to break up Facebook.

However, people should be leery of that move because Zuckerberg is literally asking to be regulated.

If the government stops him, he’s no longer liable for content that appears on his platform, and he and his army of lawyers will work with legislators to write the regulations.

And those regulations will undoubtedly make it incredibly difficult for anyone to compete with Facebook.

This puts people in a major dilemma.

Regulation may not be the answer, but allowing the company to continue with its dubious practices is unpalatable too.

This quandary is why you need to be prepared to unplug entirely.

Don’t be too reliant on these giant tech companies, because they’ve shown they’re willing to pull the plug on you at any moment if you express the wrong opinion.

The best solution might be to let these corrupt organizations destroy themselves from within.

If Hughes is correct, there are people within the company who are deeply concerned, and the American people are concerned, too.

Facebook’s power comes in its ubiquity, but that can go away if the company’s reputation goes to mud..

Whatever happens, don’t let these tech overlords run your life.



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