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  • David

    The Federal CAN-SPAM act requires a working opt-out mechanism. The unsubscribe link in the email goes to a non-working page. Beware of the electrical bill email marketing scam from as they do not comply with federal law.

    • TJSwoboda

      Just found this myself. I run my own email server; guess I’ll just block the domain…

  • john

    Wow what is this more ways the communist in D.C. are going behind our backs and controlling our kids to be what they want them to be. I thought this was America not Russia or some other place that has too much control over the people. Probably another Obama plan to convert the kids into his Islamic clan where you are nothing but a slave to all of the sick bastards that belong to the Muslims. Why don’t the morons go back across the pond with the rest of the camel humps.

  • Alan404

    Among other questions, don’t we have enough home grown police? Otherwise, one continues to ponder as to which rock Obama crawled out from under. Also, where in blazes did he come by some of his “more brilliant” ideas, the one that is the subject of this article in particular.

  • Alan404

    I have little to no regard for or trust in Obama. That being said, re your latest, might it be that conspiracy theories reign supreme?

  • Hey You

    When you fear the government, there’s tyranty!