Chicago Cop Caught On Video Harassing Teens For Being “White”

Harassing someone because of their ethnicity is wrong. A person’s DNA is not in their power, and, therefore, a person should be evaluated on their character, not their DNA. But, I guess if you’re a police officer in Chicago, you’re allowed to be racist.

It appears that detective Esteban Gomez, who would think would understand how wrong racism is as he is presumably Latino, decided to harass some teenagers coming out of a pawn shop. He said later that one of the teens was a suspect in a robbery, but that didn’t even come up in the harassment. Matt Agorist writes about the incident:

In the video, Gomez is seen screaming at one of the teens who asked what he did wrong. He then starts to yell and says, “Wanna be hard with me? Be hard with me, go ahead. Think you’re a tough guy?”

In an attempt to intimidate the teens, Gomez starts to walk away and then turns around and says, “Who’s got the weed on them?”

The group reacts to his comment and Gomez turns around once again as he’s walking away and says “Did someone say [expletive] off?”

The group responds and says, “no,” just as Gomez points at two of the teens and says “You and you.”

Here’s the thing: the teens offered no resistance, did not put up a physical struggle with the officer. When one of the teens asked the cop why he was harassing them, his response was, “Because you’re white!”

This is completely unacceptable. Racism in any shape, form, or fashion is wrong. But what makes this even more infuriating is that, when a parent of one of the teens filed a complaint with the police department, she was told that Gomez had been disciplined for “behavior unbecoming an officer.”

That’s some understated description of the behavior.

If these teens had been African-American and had been told that they were being harassed for being black, this officer would have lost his job (as he should), but Gomez gets some kind of unspecified “discipline” but gets to keep his job? That’s outrageous!

I can only speculate as to why Gomez kept his job, but that kind of behavior has no place in law enforcement. There should be outrage across Chicago over this situation just like there would be if the teens had been African-American. But, it turns out that only alternative media is covering this story.

So much for the mainstream media wanting to cover real news.

If you live in the Chicago area, I urge you to do what you can to put pressure on the Lake Villa Police Department to get this rot out of their midst. If law enforcement expect to be treated with respect, then they need to make sure that law enforcement officers are worthy of that respect.


  • Cecilia Robarge


    • staynnstitches

      racism never solves anything… being one race or another should never be a ‘get out of jail’ ticket… if you do the crime…you do the time. and doesn’t matter if you are a cop or a perp… all choices have a consequence.

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        • Prester James

          I can sympathize with the frustration, but completely disagree with the sentiment. The people who see the United States as an obsolete concept and want to destroy us, are working hard to divide us into warring factions, to get us to.destroy ourselves.

          Why let them? And why, personally, descend to the disgraceful level of that ofdetective?

      • Ron C

        Not in a democrat controlled city.

      • Bilgeez

        two wrongs never make a right, except in the liberal mind…

    • anoesis

      Therein lies the problem. They CAN’T fire his ass, or any other part of him, because it IS a dark color. Mexicans can’t STAND the fact that they were in this country MANY years before White people got here. They either lost all the wars they fought trying to keep their possession or they sold it (greed). Now they want it back. I don’t understand why they think they can run this country if they can’t run their OWN. If they want to fight for something WHY don’t they fight for the right thing and that would be to take their OWN country back from the drug cartels. IF they would do what they SHOULD I don’t doubt they could get some help for their efforts but to come here and expect Me to GIVE them what I WORKED for all my life is NOT going to happen. Remember the Alamo!! and Praise GOD for President Donald Trump!!

  • Mere Marlo

    You won’t find this story on MSM because it shows the true hate for whites being generated by the minority groups, especially BLM fostered by Soros, Obummer and Killery. You will notice that most of the hateful rhetoric and demands for impeachment, etc. come out of the mouths of black officials. Really tired of seeing their black hateful faces on the fake news. It is abundantly clear that “racist” has a black or brown face.

    • Ron C

      You won’t see it on the MSM news because the dark race are democrat voters…only to shown as pure as the driven snow…period!

  • Philomena

    They should file a lawsuit just like all the other races do.

    • Ron C

      Ha…do you think they could get away with looting & burning the city…???

  • PissedoffVet

    Seems he needs reeducation on whats legal and what isn’t but I thought they taught them that. If the police want respect its earned and I know a lot of police and they are not this way one apple in the barrel makes the whole barrel stink. Only takes one to mess up the whole apple cart.

    • Munge

      Thanks for your service brother.

      • PissedoffVet

        Thank you

        • Munge

          My pleasure brother.


    If I were the kids and their parents I would file a law suit against the officer in the incident as well as the state, the police department and I would not give up until they fired the officer for racism and the amount I would ask the court for would be fifty Billion dollars.

    • Robert McNulty

      Racism? How stupid.
      The thugs deserved it

      • Munge

        And that’s why you’re such an asshole.

      • Lewis

        A true thug talking you must be a worthless cop.

      • rocky63

        Would you be willing to tax your tiny brain and come up with a statement about what the “thugs” did to “deserve it”?

        • Robert McNulty

          Suspects in a pawn shop theft.

          • rocky63

            to: Robert McNulty:
            Really? In what way were they suspects? There is no mention of anyone having seen them steal or been aware of any theft. The cop was not in the shop and there is no indication he saw any theft. It appears they were just walking out of a shop and this Latino “superman” felt a need to attack some young white people.

          • Robert McNulty

            Read the real story instead of a washed down one here

          • rocky63

            I’ve read the story, Mr. McNulty.

            See if you can find someone who will help you to learn how to read, then YOU can read the real story and learn that the white teens did nothing wrong, committed no theft, did not attack or abuse the police detective who verbally attacked them for no reason.

            Most of our police officers are good and helpful people. Apparently your idol, Mr. Gomez, is not in that category and, I would certainly think that you are not either.

          • Robert McNulty

            Where did you read the story? Enquirer?

          • rocky63

            And what did you read? “Police said the detective was conducting a theft investigation at the time…..” Oh, of course, if a police officer supported the police officer who was harassing the teenager, then the police officers must BOTH have been telling the truth — Huh????????

          • Robert McNulty

            So the police weren’t called to the pawn shop for a theft that had occurred?

          • Robert McNulty


            Police said the detective was conducting a theft investigation at the time and was questioning someone in the group. While the remaining members of the group sat on the curb, one teen can be heard in the video recording asking why he’s being detained

          • rocky63

            Oh, how awful. One of the people he stopped had the audacity to ask “why am I being detained?” And you seem to think that merely asking that question makes him guilty of something. You’ve got some pretty big voids in that brain of yours.

          • Robert McNulty

            Why did one of the idiots lie and ended up in jail?

          • rocky63

            Oh, so if I lie I go to jail? If an officer stops my for speeding, and I knew my speedometer was showing 63 mph, but I tell the officer my speedometer showed 59 mph, I go to jail for that?

          • Robert McNulty

            You can’t be that fucking dense? One of the idiots gave a fake name to avoid detection. So one shouldn’t be arrested then?

          • rocky63

            Way to go. Now you can spell f**king. Good for you. Keep up the good work.

            So one guy was arrested for asking why he was being detained — which he had every right to ask. Given that Gomez would arrest a guy for that, I don’t blame the other guy for giving a false name. When confronted by a cop who is dead set on arresting and charging you, though you’ve done nothing, it seems that lying to that over-zealous cop is reasonable.

          • Robert McNulty

            One of the idiots wasn’t arrested for asking questions. One was arrested for giving a false name to avoid detection. So you’re okay with people giving the police fake information to avoid their try identity? Wow are you a fucking idiot to support that.

          • rocky63

            The cop is standing right there, next to the “suspect”. The cop can see him, and it would be impossible for the “suspect” to “avoid detection”. He’s already been detected by the cop and the cop is talking to him.Giving a false name would require the cop to do some work to get the right name of the guy, but if my name is Jones and I say it’s Smith, that won’t result in my “avoiding detection”. If i’m standing there, and the cop is standing there, then I’ve alredy been “DETECTED”. Interesting, the cop was a DETECTIVE and seemed not to know when someone he was looking right at was certainly DETECTED.

          • Robert McNulty

            You are a clueless idiot about detection? Duh

          • rocky63

            He ended up in jail because that’s where the officers put him!

            That’s a very obvious thing. I would expect even you to be able to figure out that someone is in jail because a LEO put him there.

          • Robert McNulty

            And in jail rightly so for obstruction of justice

          • Robert McNulty

            Plus the thugs were giving the Officer lip and one lied about his name and was arrested

          • aveteran2

            More conclusions!

          • aveteran2

            More conclusions without evidence.

          • aveteran2

            Where does it state that. Apparently, no one came out of the pawn shop except for the kids. Or is that it was a Latino Pawn Shop again.

      • aveteran2

        What lead you to think or for that matter determine that those boys were automatically “thugs”. Just because they came from a pawn shop! or because you are problem child yourself, sir.

    • Lewis

      File a suit against the thug cop, his supervisor, his captain, the department, the city and the city managers each separately so they can’t brush it off and nothing happens. Sue for millions. that will stop some of their shit.

  • Ancient Mariner

    Why, everyone knows the only people who can be racists are white. . .

  • kbmiller

    I’ll bet a dime to a dollar that this story will NEVER be exposed on LAME STREAM MEDIA !!!


    There can now be no doubt that the Obammunists think that they have reached the demographic tipping point after years of pitchforking mestizos, mohammedans and mongrels into the country. It is now time to begin the planned genocidal extermination of the native-born English-speaking population of the country, beginning with Christians and heterosexuals, leaving a brown Third World lumpenproletariat that will keep in permanent power a limp-wristed mincing and preening aristocracy of pseudointellectuals and metrosexuals. We know from cases like this and cold-blooded murders of innocent caucasians for which the perpetrators are lauded rather than punished that the deep state has no intention of protecting the gringos and the honkies. It is therefore necessary to form paramilitary organizations to defend those Americans who are unlucky enough not to belong to protected classes.

  • Robert McNulty

    This thugs deserved it

    • laulau

      The racist cop explained to them that he was bugging them because they were white. How clear can he get? The kids did nothing wrong.

      • Robert McNulty

        The idiots were suspects in a theft at a pawn shop.
        They flapped their lips and got the answer they deserved. The officer was truthful as they were white.

        • old codger

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  • Robert McNulty

    The fucking thugs should’ve kept their mouths shut

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          • old codger

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          • Munge

            You got that brother.

  • Pat Wells

    Minorities can be their own worst enemy.

  • JuniorR

    Perpetual double standards only exemplify the wrong of liberalism.

  • Munge

    Just another scumbag racist lefty.

  • Mathematical certainty

    The only solution to white hatred is to eradicate the haters!

  • John Moravecek

    Dumb shits it wasn’t a CPD Officer!

  • elmcqueen3

    Bad cops…we have tons of these mobsters wearing badges…”What…We don’t got to show you no stinking badges”…There is a cabal of these officers out on the streets in every city…just not Chicago…However they can’t be fired for wrong doing because the police unions won’t allow it to happen…It almost takes an act of congress to get fired if you belong to a police union…Now you know why this country has so many bad cops wearing badges day in and day out with no fear of repercussion or reprisal should they do something or someone entirely wrong…They don’t care…their protected…In fact when it is found out they have done something entirely wrong or unthinkable their fellow “comrade in arms” applauds them..they are given a pat on the back for being a tough cop…Bad cops are the scourge of this nation…We need to get rid of em…but how?

  • Larry McCauley

    Wheres the video? Until I see something that backs up the allegations in the article its all false or as they say now Fake News which is new speak for LIES.

  • buffalobob826

    Yep fire his racist ass.

  • Allan Scott

    Good cop, bad cop. Is he an ass or just having a bad hair day? Either way, he should be in trouble, big time!

  • Lewis

    That’s the mentality of 99% of the cops today they are all on a power trip. That’s why no one shows them any respect because they are bigger thugs than the real thugs and it doesn’t matter who your unless you are one of their thug buddies or their kiss ass supervisors the treat you as if you are shit. when most of them are subhuman themselves

  • Uncle Milty

    You’ll never hear about this on the evening news unless it was a white officer being blamed.

  • Jmanjo

    Looks like everything in Chicago sucks starting with the jackass Mayor! Perhaps Illinois should divorce Chicago

  • JRT12

    SUE his RACIST A&&!!! This RACIST PIG has NO business being around the public, let alone being a Policeman!! FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!

  • rmiers1

    Find a lawyer who will not sell you out. Find a good mixed color jury of people who work and contribute to society. The cop is toast.
    Bully’s never do anything they think that they can’s get away with. That mayor and henchmen run that place like a plantation. This cop thinks he’s got his back covered.
    There are Federal Laws against this too.
    Good luck kids….sorry for your trouble

  • Oingo Boingo

    Hispanic A A Hires are just as bad as the BLAK ones.

  • Dennis Brown

    The cop could easily have a good friend higher up in the department who can be depended upon to “have his back.” Happens all the time.

  • missieb2000

    The only thing those police are sorry about is being caught. This is a hate crime. Where’s the ACLU?

  • Virginia Ping

    Ahhh yes racism is alive and well in the U.S. only now it seems to be ok to target white people I don’t know how all of this will turn out but it will not be good

  • Ron C

    Well I’m pretty sure Chicago is a democrat party controlled city…and we all know the democrat party only judges on skin color…period! After all that is what is taught in the halls of academia…if your skin is light colored…that makes you automatically a racist’s…if you don’t believe me ask any professor or any democrat….and they will call you a racist!
    So this story is old news.

  • MIKE6080

    at the last entrance exam they lowered the standards and cant ask about police records ,also the applicants were 75% MINORITY – WHO IS GOING TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE POLICE

  • MIKE6080


  • Robert McNulty

    Hey assholes it wasn’t a Chicago Police Officer. Dumb fucks

  • Benjamin Irizarry

    Just contact an attorney.I am certain there are lawyers in Chicago who would enjoy the challenge.

  • Roscoe P. Coltran

    White people in America are under attack and have been for well over 25 years. Our country is being destroyed.

  • Jerry Hughes

    If you are white start carrying weapons the wetbacks and Blm want grief, let;;s give it to them

  • Jim Hays

    “If you live in the Chicago area” may God have mercy on you!


    NO POS cop is worthy of respect~

  • Bilgeez

    its ok to harass and intimidate white people, after all, they are “privileged”. Nothing will probably happen to the beaner cop, he is a “person of color”.

  • suz

    he needs to be fired

  • Janet Blevins Adornetto

    Where’s the video?


    Jim Crow laws are gone. Good riddance. What the heck was that? Aunt Jemima law?

  • Bella Gray

    Chicago is a cesspool anyway amd everyone needs to leave it high and dry.

  • Prester James

    This is Chicago. The Mayor is Mr. Obama’s former Chief of Staff. It’s run by Democrats. It’s a “sanctuary city.” It has the strictest firearms laws in the country, so only the criminals are armed, so it’s the murder capital of the country. It’s a dark dystopia where criminals are protected and law-abiding citizens are taxed beyond reason, and where Liberal fashion and fantasy trumps the law.

    The Chicago political machine runs the state. For the sake of appearances, they allowed a Republican to become Governor in the last election, but he’s indistinguishable from a Democrat.

    I live in Indiana, 70 miles from the Illinois border, which I have not crossed in seven years.