Are You Ready For The Nuclear Disaster Waiting To Happen on American Soil?

Many Americans on the West Coast have been concerned about the affect of the Fukushima nuclear disaster after the tsunami hit Japan in 2011. This is understandable considering that the radiation from that event could affect ocean life and the affected ocean water and ocean life could move in an easterly direction to the United States’ West Coast.

Unfortunately, however, there is a greater danger currently on American soil that has been completely unnoticed by either environmentalists or the news media: the Hanford site in east Washington state. David Gutierrez writes,

“That threat is the Hanford Site, which sits just 400 yards from the Columbia River in eastern Washington. Hanford contains two-thirds of the high-level radioactive waste (by volume) in the United States, and has been leaking for decades.

“‘While radiation from the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns is reaching the West Coast, carried across the ocean from Japan, the radiation from Hanford is already there, has been there for 70 years, and is in serious risk of catastrophe that could dwarf the effects of Fukushima even on Japan,’ [Robert] Jacobs [of the Hiroshima Peace Institute] writes in an article for Counter Punch.”

Now, if this information doesn’t scare you, then the following details should make you sit up and take notice:

“Hanford now stores an enormous volume of nuclear waste from decades of weapons manufacture. It contains 80 percent of the spent nuclear fuel rods in the country.

“Most of this waste is stored at the Tank Farms, consisting of 177 waste storage tanks at two different locations on site; these pose a major safety hazard. In 1957, the cooling system at a tank similar to those at Hanford failed at the Mayak plutonium production site in the former Soviet Union. The ensuing explosion, known as the Kyshtym Disaster, was at that time the worst nuclear disaster in history. Hanford possesses 177 tanks of the type that exploded in 1957, located right next to each other. To make matters worse, there is no security around the Tank Farms to prevent them from being targeted by terrorists.

“Over the years, 67 of the tanks have leaked 1 million gallons of highly radioactive waste into soil next to the Columbia River. In 2011, many of the leaking tanks were replaced with new, double-walled tanks. The new tanks still leaked.”

This build up of volatile nuclear waste is dangerous enough due to it’s threat of explosion but the leaking poisons the people in the area and downstream from the location.

This is the exact kind of situation that has caused other world governments, such as in Belgium, to issue iodine pills to their populace out of the concern nuclear terrorism. J.D. Heyes writes that:

“As reported by Nature World News, iodine pills have been used in the past to reduce the buildup of radiation in the body and, in particular, the vital thyroid gland, which is highly susceptible to radiation.”

Yet, it is our government here in the United States which poses the threat to the health and safety of the American people through the continued creation of nuclear waste and through inadequate safeguards to protect people from the affects of this waste.

If you live on the West Coast, especially if you live in Washington state, please consider moving to protect yourself and your family. If you will not move, please consider obtaining iodine pills to reduce the potential damage to your health from these nuclear leaks.

Wherever you live, do your best to know what is happening around you, and be prepared.

What are your best tips to prepare for a nuclear disaster? Share them below.

  • Ray Magarino

    And supporters of Nuclear energy want to build even more Nuclear power plants because if we don’t our energy prices will rise. I ask you at what price? Is it really necessary considering we have other technologies and an endless supply of energy from the sun. God help us all!

  • disqus_TzDwhXyBhj

    Here in Colorado the government and developers scoff at warnings about the ground downwind of the Rocky Flats Munitions plant. It’s been turned into a wildlife refuge. And is being opened in sections for tours. Also the land at the downwind eastern and southern edge is being developed into residential and commercial areas. 20 years from now people will be whining they have cancer at an alarmingly high rate. They’ve been warned.
    The ‘scientists’ claim the radioactive dust is contained in the ground…but the place is subjected to extremely high winds and there are huge numbers of animals that burrow into the ground stirring up the contaminated soil.
    The anything for a buck Candellas development is going to be the death of people. Literally.