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Are You Prepared for a Prolonged Power Outage?

Are You Prepared for a Prolonged Power Outage?

One of the likely results of an extended SHTF situation will be a lack of power. In light of this, being prepared for this situation makes good sense.

So, thanks to, here is a quick rundown of steps to get prepared for a prolonged power outage:

  1. Store foods that are ready to eat (or require minimal preparation). – Pretty self explanatory. If you don’t have to refrigerate it or cook it, then it will last longer and you can use it when you don’t have power.
  2. Get a non-electricity dependent method of cooking. – This could be a solar stuff, a rocket stove, a fire pit with a pot. Get or make something.
  3. Store cooking fuel. – If you’re using a wood burning stove, store wood. If you’re using a gas grill, stock up on that. You get the idea.
  4. Have a good, working propane lantern and several flashlights with fresh batteries. – Pretty self-explanatory.
  5. Have some blankets and other ways to stay warm if the power outage is in winter.
  6. Consider getting a generator. – Because sometimes, it’s just plain useful to have the electricity. You may want to consider solar power as an alternative.

Just some quick idea so that you can be ready because, when it hits, it’s not likely to give you much warning.

Have tips for preparing for a prolonged power outage? Tell them to us below.



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  • We live in a rural area and use propane for fuel. A big advantage, as there is always plenty on hand, and it doesn’t go bad. Propane generators are readily available.
    Be aware that propane has less energy than gasoline, and you must de-rate generator performance (watts) by 20%. It is smart to buy a larger one than you need, to have reserve capacity, and not to always strain it to the limit.

    I had a better idea. A 2500 watt, 120 volt inverter with 24v. D.C. input. Eight 6-volt golf car batteries connected in series-parallel suppy 24 volts. These batteries are truly deep-cycle. To charge them, I have an 11 h.p. Honda engine that drives a 24 volt Caterpillar alternator. This diesel alternator charges at low rpm, and the Honda
    engine needs only to fast idle, with 1-to-3 pulley diameter speed reduction. Conserves fuel and reduces noise a lot. This engine can run day and night with only an occasional stop to check oil. It is under little strain.

  • A very simple and cheap emergency light may already be in your yard. Any solar powered landscape light can be taken inside at dark and provide lighting. Check the discount stores and you can get the higher powered spotlights for under $10. They are plenty bright for even reading. Use them until bedtime and just put them outside in the morning to recharge. Probably need to change the batteries about once a year. Amazon is a good source for odd size batteries.
    Our Walmart sells the cheap little solar lights for 97 cents. Each is about equal to a candle. I keep about 10 so can always light up the house

  • Great ideas. Another option is a motor home. Old ones are really cheap and most have a nice Onan generator, battery bank and big inverter built-in. Some cords to the house and you’re ready to go.
    You could convert it to propane, but most have 50-100 gal fuel storage built-in.

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