Are We On The Verge Of This “Star Trek” Nightmare?

Maybe you’re a fan of Star Trek, maybe you’re not. Regardless, you may be aware of the Borg, which was an amalgamation of species, including humans, into a centralized computer-brain. The Borg scares us precisely because it functions coldly, impartially, and by stripping away our humanity.

What scares me, though, is that scientists in North Carolina are developing the technology to create the Borg now.

They’ve started with monkeys and mice, but, as we’ve seen time and time again, these kinds of tests on animals are purely for the purpose of developing a product or technology to impact human beings. No human application, no profit.

Jonathan Benson writes,

“Researchers from Duke University Medical Center in Durham say they’ve successfully harnessed the power of three monkey brains to create a “superhuman” brain, of sorts, with the capacity to process and interpret abstract thoughts and experiences. Individuals will one day have access to this brain-machine interface, say researchers, allowing them to control machines and prosthetic limbs using just their thoughts.”

I don’t know about you, but this poses all kinds of scary possibilities. At what point is our government going to try to “assimilate” us “for our own good?”

Be prepared, and don’t submit to this attempt to control you and me and make us one of the collective.

What are your thoughts on this new technology? Tell us below.


  • satelliter

    Do not take part in, believe or submit to, anything offered, ordered or funded by the U.S. government.

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez

      satelliter, I assume you also favor not helping those veterans who served and payed a price for serving this country? I take it you don’t consider yourself an American citizen nor a patriot. Neither do I.

      A retired and disabled veteran

      • Jacqueline Daisley

        Thank you for your service, Sir.

        • Roberto Enrique Benitez

          Thank you.

  • Mark Cunningham

    Give me a break! This is why pot should not be legal. You get stupid thinking like this. Pathetic.

    • Frankie Gray

      ignorant people believe that marijuana is a drug its not its a herb. and if you ignore the fact that your government made weed illegal so they could make money off of cotton.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    I’ll start a donnybrook in a caustic manner as in the author’s words, “but this poses all kinds of scary possibilities.”

    Obviously Jonathan Benson, the author of this inane screed, has little knowledge of the efforts to enable the severely disabled, such a veterans coming home without multiple limbs or unable to move them or men like Stephen Hawkings to lead more normal, if at all possible, and productive lives.

    For some time now scientists, including government ones (whom he seems to think are involved in some nefarious conspiracy), have been working on efforts to connect brains through implants to computers to enable them to move wheelchairs, type, use artificial voice communications, and move artificial limbs. I must assume he opposes these efforts as being against the natural order of things. I wonder, in his “compassion” does Mr. Benson believe these people should have been allowed or helped along to die?

    So I’ll ask you Mr. Benson, why not be more honest and say that those suffering from such tragedies no longer serve a useful purpose in society, are impediments on society, and therefore should be put down for the useless “animals” they are? Why not be like a good Nazi Mr. Benson? If so, sieg heil.

    A retired and disabled veteran and politically incorrect Christian conservative constitutionalist curmudgeon

  • Charles Bowen

    Do not forgot the Cyborgs from Dr Who. to Mark this isn’t stupid thinking, alot of SyFy is starting to come true so keep your head out of the hole.

    • Frankie Gray


  • Chad Kalmbach

    My only question is why have we not taken our country back already?

  • Wendi Dell

    Of course there should always be civilian over site, but the possibilities for helping the disabled are incredible. We should never let fear of the unknown stop us from finding ways to improve quality of life. All of this can be done ethically, transparency is the key.