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America Could be Doomed Because of One Chilling Historical Reality

America Could be Doomed Because of One Chilling Historical Reality


Every civilization eventually comes to an end.

The Athenian, Roman, and Ottoman Empires all seemed invincible, but eventually collapsed.

America could be nearing a similar fate for one disturbing historical reason.

On average, civilizations have lasted around 336 years.

America has been around for 243 years, which means the country is almost three-fourths of the way toward that average.

Western civilization seems to be more durable than most—particularly in America—but frightening signs of social decay and civil unrest are on the rise.

And the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to stoke the flames of turmoil.

That’s why it’s a smart idea to be prepared to bug out if a true catastrophe strikes. Here are seven myths to keep in mind on your prepping journey

1. Everyone you know personally will pull together in a disaster

It’s easy to assume that friends, family, and cordial neighbors will all come together in a disaster, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

The stress of an emergency can cause people to behave in irrational and destructive ways.

Some people might panic over the scarcity of resources.

Even preppers aren’t immune to this.

That’s why it’s important to have strong interpersonal skills to keep a community from fracturing

2. Going at it alone is the best option

The irrationality of groups might cause you to think it’s a better idea to be a loner.

It isn’t.

Survival becomes much more difficult without a support system.

If you’re injured or have limited skills, you give yourself less of a chance of pulling through in an emergency.

Also, humans are social creatures.

Too much isolation is bad for mental and physical health

3. Equipment will compensate for lack of skills

Having equipment is important, but skills are even more important.

Equipment is a resource that comes and goes.

Skills last a lifetime, and they will allow you to survive if equipment runs out.

While it’s necessary to build up a cache of supplies, it’s even more vital to develop a wide array of skills to compensate for a lack of resources.

4. Living off the land is easily achievable

Sometimes beginner preppers mistakenly equate prepping with camping or hiking.

Retreating to a cabin or roughing in the wilderness for a while isn’t the same as being tasked with finding and building shelter if displaced, hunting, fishing, starting a fire and many other obstacles.

Living off the land requires a hardcore commitment to skill development.

5. Precious metals will be the new currency

People often talk about gold and silver as safe hedges against inflation and recession.

While that may be true, it isn’t so obvious that precious metals will have the same value in a post-disaster future.

In the wake of a true catastrophe, gold may not be nearly as desirable as it has been, and it certainly won’t help you barter for emergency supplies.

6. Hygiene is simply a luxury

The main reason why life expectancy has doubled in the last 150 years is increased hygiene.

Diseases that spread due to unsanitary conditions and importable water killed huge swaths of societies throughout history.

If you want to fight off disease, infection, and other maladies, it’s important to keep clean.

7. You’ll know precisely when it’s time to Bug Out

A catastrophic disaster might not present itself in the form that you think.

Waiting too long for an obvious sign can cost you precious minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Conversely, bugging out too early can cause its own problems.

The best course of action is to prepare yourself as best as possible and rely on logic to tell you when it’s time to go.



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  • Yes, every single major empire has collapsed back into the dust from which it arose, including the most richest the biggest of the time and longest lasting, i.e., ancient Egypt. Why is the big question, two reasons the smallest first, tax were raised above a double digit, the second, which most people will hate is because the homosexuals child molesters took over key positions in each government until they devoured the entire government, one bite at a time. History will repeat itself over and over unless or until we learn not to repeat it! Don’t believe me, READ THE GAWD DAMN HISTORY YOU NINNY DEMOC-RAT GIRLYMAN!

  • Unfortunately if they read the current history books they will be misinformed because the socialists/communists have change history book to reflect their view point and only for American history. They no longer teach world history in high school. Disgusting isn’t it. This is part of the reason for why we have ignorant generations (the millennial s etc.). We no longer the leaders in education or science. Children today aren’t even taught cursive writing. Colleges tried lowering the test Scores to get in, then they had to eliminate the English language and math tests to “give the a chance” for blacks but eliminated the Whites and Asians from the rosters.

    We are looking at the start of the destruction of America. Half the population has no morals or belief in a higher power. They’ve become sheep following the latest trend even if it is stupid or dangerous. They have become “give me” children that have never learned the meaning of hard work, dedication, and honesty. There are some that think for themselves, thank the Lord. They were probably homeschool or went to a religious school.
    I hope that I don’t live to see our destruction.

  • You may think I’m fatalistic, but I’m a faith-based person. What good does it do to point out all the bad things that you say will happen – its in our history – and life is bad? What will really happen is found in one book – the Bible. Read Revelations after you have read the New Testament parts and it fits together like a puzzle. Yes, Revelations is dismaying but if you believe in God – well, read it and find out.

  • I have only one thing to say to you… Does God say to kneel down to evil or does he say we must fight evil with our dying breath? Anyone who believes in God and then says it’s inevitable that evil wins is just a coward and God will not claim you! What good is free will if you kneel down and surrender to evil? As for me, I will fight until my dying breath!

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