10 Super Creative Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life in a Crisis

Leave it to the Russians to come up with a video that outlines some incredibly ingenious life hacks.

This video comes from Youtube Superstar “TheCrazyRussianHacker.” ¬†With over 1.7 million views it’s one of his more popular videos. In it he covers a few basic hacks that on the surface might seem simple, but in a crisis could be quite useful.

Not all of these are practical if you’re bugging out. But if you’re bugging in, you might want to collect some of the supplies he uses for a later date.


  • John Hogan

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    • Dan

      John, how do I join if I don’t know any of your members?


  • Sam Palermo

    It is hilarious to watch these guys even though they may have good ideas.

  • Summer Day

    This guy is adorable to watch!~